Thursday, 4 June 2015

Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant finished !

On saturday I presented a preview of the two figures I was painting then. Now they are finally finished and here we go:
Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
The first one displays a Victorian Detective Inspector. The wonderful miniature belongs to Northstar's range and as far as I know it's sculpted by Mike Owen and he performed a wonderful job with it. The details of the suit and the facial expression are worked out perfectly and it was on extraordinary pleasure to paint him. As usual I employed Vallejo Model Colors and decided to give him a bluish grey suit and a dark grey nearly black overcoat. Actually I wanted to paint a checked pattern as well but my first tries on his left looked disappointing so I decided to leave it plain grey.
Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake
The second miniatures is a Detective Sergeant which comes from Northstar's Scotland Yard company for In her Majesty's Name as well. For him I chose a dark grey suit. First I went for Dark Grey -> Neutral Grey -> Light Grey which turned to light for my taste. Thus I gave it a wash with Vallejo Black Wash to darken it. Although I like the inspector's suit better I'm rather satisfied with the result. To set a colour difference I painted his overcoat dark brown rather than grey or black.

For the bases I used a mixture of sand and gravel. I wanted the peelers to fit more onto London's streets than into the countryside so I painted it with different shades of grey. But only three instead of fifty. Anyway I'm not completely happy with its look since it makes the overall appearance of the figures too grey but I didn't have a better idea so far.


  1. Great brushwork again, Stefan. I've yet to paint my first figures in civilian attire.

  2. Great work Stefan. I've looked at these figures a few times, but alas, no new projects for me.

  3. Hi fellows,

    many thanks for your wonderful feedback.


  4. Hola
    que buenas minis,gran trabajo
    un saludo

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. It was you who lured me into this... ;-)

  6. That's some lovely work Monty! I especially like the brownish coat. Well done.