Saturday, 20 June 2015

Off we go !

Finally the great day has come! When you read this I'm already driving to Waterloo to visit the celebrations of the most famous battle of the Napoleonic era. Two dear friends of mine and me will take the crazy trip there and back again in one day but we're full of thrilling anticipation. Just like little boys in the evening before Christmas.
So with my field pack ready, some comfortable boots and my panama head against the - hopefully present - sun I'll take this unique once-in-a-lifetime trip. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to post pictures tomorrow but as soon as I'm well rested more or less I'll sort them out. Anyway I have two cameras loaded and ready to make a flood of picture.

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Have a great time, I look forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. A great event and certainly a lot of people.
    Waiting forward to what kind of pictures we get to see soon
    Stunning hat (color) than directly thirty century

  3. Enjoy the event - I'm very jealous

  4. I think we all are a bit envious of you at the moment. Have fun and take loads of pictures for us!

  5. Bon voyage! You're going to love it. Full report on return please.

  6. Well done monty, a brilliant post, glad you had an ace time!!!