Thursday, 30 October 2014

Counting down for Crisis...

Slightly more than 24 hours and we'll head for Antwerp. As usual I'm looking forward to the show with a thrill of anticipation. For me it's the second show this year and so it's a kind of special occasion. And it's the second trip with my wargaming club fellow so a real highlight at the ending of the year. The only disadvantage is the shortness of the event. Just one day is simply too short to visit all the stunning tables, stroll around the excellent market stalls and chat with all the nice people whom you met only once or twice a year. Anyway I hope to find the time to meet some old fellows there and maybe get acquainted to some new ones.

I some of you'll make it to Crisis as well then let me remind you of the game our club is presenting:
We are located in the real center of the hangar at g4B01. Just look for our emblem or the nice looking fellows in black:
pictures from Crisis 2013 behind our Fort George game
See you there !


  1. Hope you have a great time Monty!

  2. Have a great show, and come back with many nice pics to share!

  3. I'll try and drop by! See you there!

  4. Many thanks for your good whishes. I'll let you know whether they came true after the weekend.
    But actually I'm rather sure...