Monday, 3 November 2014

Back from Crisis...

What an awesome weekend !

On Friday mornig my mate Robert and me set sail and went to Düsseldorf. There we wanted to meet the other two fellows of our carpool. But since we were too soon we took a slight detour to the city centre of Düsseldorf and started the weekend with a nice pint at one of the local craft breweries and a bread roll with roast pork. After this excellent start Axel and Holger dragged us up and we proceeded to Antwerp.

There I spent two excellent days with all the fellows of our THS club and many, many nice people from the wargaming community. Although I'm still sorting the pictures here's a first shot of our team:
left to right: Holger, Georg, Robert, Kalle, Heinz, Axel, Stefan (me) and Bernhard
Crisis 2014 was really the best wargaming I visited until now. Although I have not so many other shows to compare it with the weekend was simly top-notch. The trip with the boys was excellent and on the show I had the opportunity to chat with some very nice people from the community. Diane and Martin from Warbases were there, Burkhard from DHC Wargaming Blog, Mirko, Elmar and Gabi from Stronghold Terrain, Peter from Peter's Cave, Wayne from Wargames Illustrated and his charming wife, Mike from the Dreispitz blog, the fellows from Black Hussar miniatures, Ged from Gringo40s and Paul from Scrivesland just to mention some of those nice people I met...

Many, many thanks to the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp for organising and managing this extraordinary event and likewise to those I had the chance to meet and chat with. I was simply priceless to make or renew your acquaintance and I'm looking forward to Crisis 2014 to meet hopefully all of you again.

During the next days I'll post some of the pictures I took from the excellent tables that were there. Of course of our table as well who won the award for the Best Presented Wargame. That puts a nice cherry on the cake of this awesome trip...

By the way Burkhard was quicker with their review. Enjoy them:


  1. Well done on the prize! I look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Sounds like a grand weekend was had, look forward to some more pictures

  3. Congrats on the award. Looking forward to seeing some pics!

  4. Well done Stefan on your group getting the award at a top show like Crisis, I imagine the competition and standard was very high.
    Sounds like you all had a great time as well.

  5. Well done on winning the award. That's a nice looking table there with a lot of handsome blokes standing behind it.

    1. Hi Anne, as i am one of the "handsome blokes" behind the table i was was wondering if you paint figures?.........because with eyesight as bad as yours i would not even try! ;-)

  6. It was great meeting you again Stefan, and the price was well deserved! Great gaming table!


  7. It really was an impressive table! You sure deserved the award!

  8. Good to meet you at the weekend and congratulations on your award. I really liked that fort you had.