Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Crisis 2014 - Picture Report

As I already reported Crisis was an awesome show. There were a lot of clubs presenting excellent wargaming tables and interesting games. Additionally a lot of internationally well known traders came their and offered their stunning ranges. During the show I took far more than 100 photos and have sorted out the best of them.

But first of all many, many thanks to the TSA for organizing and running this extraordinary event !
The information stand of the TSA
But now for the pictures... First for a selection of the traders which were present. Although there were many more like Empress, Pendraken, Wargames Foundry and many more, I picked only those I made personal acquaintance with. For a complete list look here. Unfortunately Stronghold Terrain is missing in my pictures because the stall was always so crowded that I didn't get a nice picture of those nice people.
Sascha and his fellow from Black Hussar miniatures... Excellent 28mm for SYW they have.
Martin and Diane from Warbases in action...
Ged from Gringo40s (the handsome chap behind the Space Marine of course).
Wayne from Wargames Illustrated and his charming wife Vhairi.
Annie, the Dice Bag Lady
Gripping Beast explaining Jugula
And besides this the awesome tables everywhere around:
A mixed crusader army storming a city in the holy land.
Chaaaaaaarge !
Deus vult !

A stunning Japan board with loads of samurai and ashigaru.
A very interesting airplane game.
A huge Warhammer 40K game.
Obviously Tyranids attacking an Imperial stronghold.
Air defense.
Yom Kippur War with lots of tanks.
WWII - Flames of War I presume.
A stunning strategy board with 10mm or 6mm figures.
Crush the Kaiser in small scale.
Another view of the table.
The most impressive and justly awarded table about Keren 1941
Brave Tommies preparing their advance.
Charging with artillery support...
... and air support.
A view from the Italian position.
The broadcasting house at the foot of the hill.
D-Day landings
Brave Americans trying to settle on the beaches of Normandy.
But they come under heavy fire.
Last but not least our table about the French intervention in Mexico.
Kalle, Holger and me busy with a young prospect.
The safe fortress is far away for the Imperial forces.
The Belgians fought bravely in the rearguard.
Actually that's it. A great weekend out with the boys and a lot of nice wargaming things to see and to try on Crisis 2014. Although it's a year away I'm looking forward to the succeeding event next year.

Nearly I forgot to mention that I bought a couple of things. No show without loot:

My loot from Crisis 2014.
But this time only an advance order from Warbases and a couple of single blisters from different companies. One of them is my present for the Santa Clause...

Further reading (more Crisis pictures):
- Brückenkopf Report Parts 1, 2 and 3
Have a look at those sources. There are some excellent tables I didn't get good photos from. Don't miss them.


  1. Great photos Monty! Thanks again.

  2. Excellent pictures! Like the look of the Mexico game!

  3. Looks like a great show Stefan, I would love to make it across the water one year!

  4. Some nice looking tables there. The Keren table was gorgeous and seemed to defy grafity. The picture of Anne the Dice Bag Lady is priceless. The way she's standing and that look on her face speaks volumes.

    1. Oh I'm lovely, no idea why I'm doing that, blame shyness :D haha! - Annie, Bag Lady

  5. That's some really beautiful looking tables and congrats on your own brilliant table!


  6. Gorgeous picture of the cavalcade
    Thanks these.

  7. Seems like you had a great show! I recognize a few of the tables from this year's Salute. That Keren 1941 table is really impressive, even the second time :0)

  8. Great pics Stefan and congrats on your efforts. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great post Monty - looks like it was a great time for everybody!

  10. Great event by the looks.

  11. Looks like an awesome day was had by all! Must try to make it there next year.

  12. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us Stefan! And as said before it was good meeting you again! We'll do it again next year!

    PS: thanks for the link!


  13. Great pics! No idea why I look like such a meanie though! See you next year,?
    The Dice Bag Lady

    1. Without any doubt. The club will be there with a Plancenoit presentation game and so will I.