Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dear Santa...

This year I'm participating the "Secret Santa" venture. For the one I have an idea but for the other I'm still groping in the dark.

Anyway maybe I should give Santa a little hint what I'm currently doing or what I'm pondering to start as new projects...
1.) 28mm Napoleonics:
Always one of my pet issues. My British are always in need of reinforcements and especially the RHA is craving for a howitzer. For our 2015 club project we'll need loads of French artillery as well. So some French Guard Horse Artillery could be very usefull. In addtition my small French forces don't have any commanders so a Général de Brigade is needed sooner or later...
Although I respect the other companies my absolute favourite are the miniatures done by the Perry twins.

2.) 28mm WWI:
For this winter I prepared a bunch of late WW1 Tommies to paint. But the boys don't have heavy support yet. So maybe Santa wants to drag a British 13pdr and its crew to my Christmas tree...
Great War Miniatures highly preferred.

3.) Saga / Vikings:
A highly enjoyable game for which I finished my warband this year. But my Dark Ages village needs some residents. I've been strolling around some of the excellent Wargames Foundry Sets of those late. Especially the Viking civillians with the spilt milk and the celebrating Vikings.

4.) 10mm Prussian 1860s:
During the last decades of the 19th century there were several interesting conflicts with the Prussians involved, especially the wars against Austria, Danmark and France. Somehow I got the idea to start something around those and would love to start a collection of Pendraken 10mm Prussians for that. And because I don't have anything besides some command models, everything is welcome.

5.) 1/1200 Napoleonic Navy:
Maybe a bit too pricy for Santa but lately I started to collect some 1/1200 Napoleonic ships by Langton. Of course some British first but maybe Santa wants to give the opposite site a start with either the Santissima Trinidad or the Bucentaure...

I hope there are some good idea for Santa. Actually I would appreciate any stuff that fit into my other project or that just show that Santa contemplated as well. But these projects are so many that they would burts any whish list. Maybe I should facolise more...

As for me I'll crap the miniatures which I'll paint for my "Stanta Clause" victim at Crisis in Antwerp next weekend. I'm looking forward to paint it for him a lot.
Only my "Secret Santa" target is a bit dawdling with his whishes. Currently I'm pondering but have no idea what to sent him yet...


  1. A useful list. I'm afraid I'm having the same problem with my target as you are - his blog is full of finished projects, but no hint on what he's doing next!

    Enjoy Crisis!

  2. Lots of wonderful things to look forward to there Stefan, I hope you get lucky!

  3. Letting your Santa know what you're interested in certainly makes his job easier. You may have to just look at what your person is into and buy something that fits those interests in the hopes they can use it.

  4. A list really does help in the ideas department.