Monday, 20 October 2014

Back with news...

My honest apologies that I was lost for the last weeks without notice. Fortunately there are no bad news connected to this. There was simply no time to get anything sorted for the blog because the last weeks were an extraordinary labour. We spent two weekends with trips and in between our younger daughter had to go to the hospital which of course didn't make things easier. Paired with flu and middle ear inflammation which haunted our family free time was short. Anyhow the last weekend with friends in Bavaria gave us the chance to clear our minds and catch some energy. Thus I'm optimistic that things'll go more orderly again...

So I'll keep marching on with the blog now !
With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, to the British Grenadiers. - A photo a friend of mine took of my minis.
But as the title promises there are some news to be published.
  • In two weeks there'll be Crisis 2014 in Antwerp taking place. The THS is preparing a presentation game dealing with the French intervention in Mexico during the 1860s. Especially our fellow Kalle but a lot of efforts in the project and we'll be happy to welcome any visitors at our table.
    More about the game itself and some pictures will follow this or next week.
  • For this year's "Secret Santa" and "Santa Clause" ventures the sails are set. I'll happily look for some nice things in Antwerp...
  • Currently I'm working on an article for a rather large wargaming magazine so the time with brushed and paints is very limited. Please excuse that you'll not see much progress during the next two weeks.
  • In the pipeline there are two AARs and two museum reviews. The pictures are more or less prepared so rather soon I'll be able to finish those.
  • I haven't forgot the announced raffle for my 100K step at Monty's Caravan. It'll take place soon...
During the next days I'll try to work off all your blogs. Be sure that I'll try to visit each of them but I'll not post comments everywhere.


  1. Oh, that middle ear inflammation thing can be extremely painful (bitter personal childhood experience).
    Glad to hear that you're all recovering. Beautiful picture your friend managed to take, it really sets the AWI stage nicely. On a more personal note, I rather miss Bavaria too. I can't get the food, nor the fantastic Maisel's dunkel here in Sweden. Will have to go back to Nürnberg and Bayreuth for the Christmas markets!

    1. Nürnberg is definitely worth a visit. Especially the castle is top-notch for people interested in the Holy Roman Empire.
      As for the food I never tried to send bottles by post. Do you want to try?


  2. Hola
    Gran fotografía
    Espero que se mejore pronto
    Un saludo

  3. Sounds like you and your family have gone through a bit of hectic times recently. Glad it's all sorted out now - great looking grenadiers too.

  4. Glad everything is on the mend for your family and that's a great shot of your figures!


  5. Great to have you back Stefan, I was getting worried!

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael. I appreciate your commiseration a lot.

  6. Great hear you daughter is much better
    Is it she the same little, happy helper in some photos

    Mexico exquisite topic 1860-1914
    Many good western movies, this theme (1960-1970)
    Napoleon III wants to lord of Mexico, and set the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, the brother, Archduke Maximilian, the Emperor of Mexico

    Today: Mexico city head street is over 105 km long...

  7. Sounds like you have been and you're going to be very busy!!!