Tuesday, 10 July 2012

42nd Rgt. of Foot "Black Watch" (1): Test-Highlander painted

After the long posts of last week, there's only a short update today.

Lastly I prepared my next unit: The 42nd Rgt. of Foot "Black Watch".
Because of the good price I bought some Victrix plastic miniatures. To me they look really great. The details are nice and crisp and I like them better than the Royal Foot Artillery by Victrix I recently painted.

Although there are some promising decals by Warflags on the market but I decided to try my luck with painting them myself. On the World Wide Web I found a nice tutorial by John O'Brien (Link). He explains a kind of simplified tartan for toy soldiers and I used the following colours:
  • Vallejo Model Colour 050 "Dark Prussian Blue" as base colour
  • Citadel "Dark Angels Green" for the check
  • Vallejo Model Colour 072 "Deep Green" for the brighter center checks
  • Vallejo Black for the thin lines between green and blue
For the rest of the uniform I used the same colours as for the 44th. On the picture below you see one shot of a highlander with the painted kilt only and on the left a nearly finished model with Armypainter Quickshade applied already. Although there are some finishing touches (buttons, highlights) to do I'm really pleased with the result. The kilt turned out better than I expected and you can guess which tartan it shall represent. Nevertheless I'm afraid of the grenadiers and the drummer with an additional thin red check above the usual government tartan...

I hope to ale to proceed with the next highlanders quickly and maybe I'll be ale to post some new pics next weekend.


  1. Beautifully done. You forgot the link.


    It will be nice to see the regiment when it's done.

    1. Thanks for your help. I wrote the post on our ipad yesterday evening and somehow the hyperlink didn't work...


  2. Excellent work with the tartan, I use that web site myself as it really helps to take the mystery out of the process.

  3. Nicely done Monty,
    You nailed it.

  4. Ooooo very nicely done that man!!! Great work on the kilt! How many Paracetamol's did that cost you??

  5. Great work so far. I'm sure the unit will look stunning.