Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Blackpowder Game Review: The 2nd Siege of Kolberg (fictional Napoleonic)- Part 2

Now for some expressions of the second day of this epic battle. As you may have read here (Link), things were serious for the English. Although the fort was in good order and all previous assaults on the entrechments had been thrown back, the French pressure was rising constantly.

Especially the French Guard artillery which took position north of the fort fired without cease and finally shattered the northern wall of the rearmost bulwark. Nevertheless the English stood steady and prepared for the French assault:

The breach...
Because the pressure on the French and Polish troops holding the surrounding villages concentrated, the French Supreme Command decided to try the deciding blow. They threw their last reserves into battle and sent his heavy cavalry to support the Polish at Degow and Fritzow (link to the map). Simultaneously they sent the Young Guard to assault the English sconces in front of Kolberg while his remaining regular troops attacked Fort Schill:
French Line Infantry attacks the fort which is still manned by the British...
Some other bataillons hasting to the damaged sconces...

The Young Guard flooding through the breach into Kolberg.
Hoping for relief the English prepared for their final battle. The walls of the fort lay still under heavy fire and the English morale wavered. But the generous courage of Major General Pack inspired his brigade. Again and again he rallied the troops and singing "God save the King" they bore up against the attackers.

Meanwhile the French entered Kolberg from the South. Although General Major Halkett and his brigade fought bravely they weren't able to hold the walls. After defeating two French brigades and capturing one of their commanders they had to retreat. But the English didn't ginve up. They occupied the houses of Kolberg and prepared for a bloody struggle for every single street and lane...
The English in the streets of Kolberg shooting at the French intruders.
Lurking in the streets they prepare to afford a surprising welcome to the French...
But thankfully our allies weren't deedless. On the other flanks they browbeat the French and the Polish. While the French heavy cavalry broke down between the Russian and Austrian infantry squares, the occupying forces of Henkenhagen groaned under the pressure of Field Marshal Blücher and his Prussian troops. In the heat of the battle a confused batallion left Henkenhagen for a countercharge and heralded the ruin of the French Northern wing.

After the French cavalry broke to pieces the steady Russians advance towards Degow and Fritzow.
Prussian allies everywhere...
So in the early afternoon it became clear that the French couldn't be able to conquer Kolberg befor the allies would stab them in the back. Therefor General Vandamme decided to gather his survivers and betook himself to flight... What a fight !
Axel the English supreme commander and me. Unfortunately Michal is missing since he was only present at Saturday.

Although I was only present on Sunday and my dues were rather small (just holding the fortress...), the game was an absolutely great experience. My teammates as well as our opponents were nice, fair players and even during the heat of the battle the atmosphere was calm and friendly. The umpires did a good job when leading the game and an incredible job when preparing it before. I hope to be able to play with the fellows from the THS (Team for historical Simulations) furthermore and I'll be happy to post some pictures of forthcoming events from time to time.

When you enjoyed this short synopsis then have an eye on the Lead Adventure Forum (link). An official review of the whole event is in the making which will be posted there. But please be patient since a report for such an enormous event needs time. In any case I'll let you know when it's online.


  1. Great looking game and terrain. How did you find the BP rules at handling the Siege game environment?

    1. We used a set of house rules that one of the umpires designed.
      In some parts they were a bit strange (morale-save for walls...), but they worked really well. Essentially some vulnerable parts of the fortress and the entrenchment got kind of hitpoints. With artillery fire they could get damaged (unless they passed a save similar to the morale-save of troops) and when they ran out of hit points they were destroyed.

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