Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monty grows old... The lead mountain grows larger.

Well... The last week was rather boring. Things with the highlander are proceeding well but very slow. Just now the boys are in a WIP-condition, with which I don't want to hurt your eyes.

However yesterday I ambivalent pleasure to finish another year of age. To make that a bit easier I spent the afternoon with my beloved family and my parents having a delicious dinner in a nice restaurant nearby. Stewed cheeks from ox in port sauce... And a nice glas of Cabernet-Sauvingnon... Hmmmmm...

But my wife managed to crown the day. She gave me some rereinforcements for my British:
- A set of 95th Rifles command
- A box of Victrix Waterloo Center Company
- A box of Perry British Hussar

Especially the last present was a great guess of hers since I had an eye on these brilliant miniatures for weeks...

So you see: A lot to do within the next year...


  1. Happy birthday Monty! Nice haul! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, good haul, keep you busy

  3. Many happy returns Monty!

  4. Many happy returns, ol' chap!

  5. Very many Happy Returns and what sterling work on behave of the Memsahib; wonderful gifts.

  6. Happy birthday. But in my opinion, it's your plastic pile which I see growing up. 6 lead minis are what? just a small drop?

  7. Looking forward to seeing a bit of paint on these bad boys. Happy belated birthday!