Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My workbench in a mess... Lots of work to do...

The last week was very buisy and my workbench is in a mess. A lot of thing started but not enough time to finish them...

However see for yourself:
My workbench...
Especially the following things were put on hold:
  • Two Sherman Fireflys from Armourfast. Both painted but awaiting the finishing touches.
  • A couple of trees waiting for their leaves
  • Several blank bocages seeking clump foliage and pebbles
  • Three excellent buildings of Najewitz Modellbau to be assambled
  • A box of cast cobbled streets to be painted
  • Several foame boards to be cut´
I am really sorry that I'm not able to present results these days but I'm confident of getting some tasks done next weekend. Since my wife and daughter will spent the weekend with some dear friends of hers I'll be able to spent the whole Saturday on wargaming things. Saturday morning a friend of mine and me will visite a military museum in Koblenz and in the afternoon we'll build some terrain stuff...


  1. I have to say that the workbench doesn't look that bad, but I sympathise completely with the issue of having too many projects on the go at one time! My problem is that I'm too easily distracted!

  2. Nothing to apologise for except the luxury of your painting set up, is that wide screen......

  3. That screen may be a bit of a distraction getting on with the work!? ;-)

  4. To be honest you sound a bit jealous... ;-)

    Kidding aside, it's just my 22" computer screen. The little grey one on the right hand side is the old one. Most of the time I have a movie or an ice hockey game running in the background. But only well known movies or well commented NHL-games that listening in more important than watching. ;-)

    That remembers me to watch Henry V. (K. Brannagh) again soon...