Sunday, 12 February 2012

British Army painting with "Army Painter" - Part 4 - Finished !

Here's are the quick shaded British!
They're might not win a painting competition but the ratio between time and result is really fine I think. The shiny look is unattractive but they wrote that in the instruction of Army Painter Quickshade and I wanted to cover the with matt varnish anyway so I that doesn't trouble me.

The next evening I did the finishing touches and put some highlights on the edges of the helmet etc. Additionally I painted the hessian tape and I hated it.
After varnishing the figures with matt varnish I finished the bases. I used some sand, pebbles and static gras.

Here is the whole gang:

And some close-ups of some of the guys:

The result is fine I think. The Quickshade's effect is far better than everything I got with other inks and washes. 25 EUR ($ 30) is much for a can of paint. But since it should be enough for several infantry regiments it seems rather fair.
Don't forget, that usual ink comes in much smaller bottles. For example: Vallejo Inks are about 2.50 EUR ($ 3) for 17ml. The Quickshade can holds 250ml. In Vallejo bottles that's about 15 bottles which approximates 37,50 EUR ($ 45).


  1. Ah, I like your British very much, as I often like the army painter method.

  2. They have come up really nicely, 'specially the faces. Well done.

  3. Great work, Monty! I am an Army Painter fan too and love the high standard produced and time saved - brilliant ;)



  4. It's a great method for painting large batches and the results on these British are excellent.


  5. Thanks for the nice replies!

    I'm happy that you like them since the next 12 miniatures are on my workbench currently. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.


  6. Nice job. I must admit I'm hesitant to use Quickshade from some of the bad reports I've read on the web. I'm happy sticking to shading washes for now...

    1. So was I... But after I read that some people use it for 15mm FoW-miniatures I decided to try it... ;-)

      On the other hand I wasn't happy with washes. I tried Citadel and Vallejo but I was never able to get such graduated shading. And to be honest I'm too lazy to do layering on 20mm figures...