Thursday, 9 February 2012

British Army painting with "Army Painter" - Part 1

A very busy week is winding me. Lot's of work to do at the office, a daughter that starts to parrot everything, especially words she shouldn't learn as the four-letter-word my wife dropped accidently this afternoon. Viktoria loved it. Additionally there are about two dozen British soldiers to be painted until the Saturday after next because my first game in 2012 is on the horizon and I need some more infantry urgently.

Since I read some good feedback about Army Painter Quickshade being used for Flames of War miniatures I decided to give it a try.
I will paint my brave British Tommies with Vallejo Model Colours and try the dark toned dipping stuff on the afterwards. Unfortunately the dip is pretty expensive but if it saves time it might prove priceless for me...

Step 1:
First I deflashed the miniatures and cleaned them with some dish liquid and warm water. Afterwards I glued them onto coins as bases with UHU Plus Schnellfest an epoxy-based two-adhesive glue (Great stuff! Too messy for tiny parts but uncredibly strong!). When the glue hardened completely I base coated the figures with a white spray from an unknown manufacturer.
Deflashing took a while but cleaning, gluing and base coating the miniatures didn't last longer than 10 minutes (plus drying and harding).

Since I already finished Step 2 I'll keep this topic updated soon. But for now that is enough since yesterday just turned into today which is a clear sign to go to bed for me. The alarm will sound at 05.30a.m. without any mercy...


  1. Interested to see how you get on, I swear by the stuff now for fast, effective results :)

  2. I love inking, literally anything now....