Friday, 10 February 2012

British Army painting with "Army Painter" - Part 3

Meanwhile I have painted the other colours. Especially Vallejo Russian Uniform on the helmets, Vallejo German Dark Beige for the webbing and a mixture of Citadel Tallarn Flesh and Citadel Elf Flesh. Water bottles and rifles were painted in Vallejo Saddle Brown. I tried to keep the colours a bit brighter than usual because I was afraid that the Quickshade might darken it.

The result is acceptable although I was surprised how long it took to paint those ten guys. Three evenings (about ten hours) !
I've known that I never was a speed painter, but I really expected to be a bit faster.

Yesterday evening I finally inked the miniatures. Now they are still drying (takes 24 hrs.). I'll make some photos this evening and post them tomorrow or Sunday.

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