Saturday, 31 December 2016

Reviewing 2016

2016 is coming to an end and a lot of people will say it wasn't a good year since so much mischief happened on earth. But nevertheless I'm lucky enough to be able to focus on hobby issues and see the wargaming world in a nutshell. So let me ponder about the last twelve months on Monty's Caravan and review some of my hobby highlights 2016.

To begin with I have to admit that I didn't produce too many articles this year. My apologies for that but somehow real life and family issues consumed more of my leisure time this year and I didn't find enough time to bring my humble ideas to words. Thus my productivity dropped to an average of slightly more than one post per week after more then 1.5 last year and even more in 2014...

Anyway I'm glad that you're interest didn't cease. To my surprise at least the same number of visitors dropped by in 2016 maybe even more. Many thanks for your kind and encouraging support! Frankly I'm really pleased how the virtual wargaming community keeps developing and I'm glad to be part of it! Especially when I see that mostly American, Russian, German and British fellows seem to visit my humble blog. What a splendid international bunch of enthusiasts we are...

Besides those numbers what did 2016 bring on the workbench?

In January the sixth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge ruled my workbench and I focussed on getting some sci-fi figures done. At least an old school Space Marine and a bunch of Imperial Assault miniatures left my table painted.

In February then I needed to finish some last minute figures for our Tactica participation game. But at least some splendid sculpts by Paul Hicks and Brigade Games delivered really nice pieces to work with. After all a couple of British tars where done in time to hit the sands of Egypt in Hamburg.

March then the ending of this year's painting challenge with Oberst Steiner as my humble entry fee. Besides that of course the review of Tactica 2016 was worth two posts and a couple of other topics where handled in 10 post that months.

April then was another post heavy months. More figures for Imperial Assault followed as well as a review of splendid hobby weekend at a friend's near Stuttgart. Finally I started with more figures for my background NWF project and finally my AWI British received artillery support.

In May I started the ridiculous of painting the zombies of the Zombicide basic game. Of course I haven't finished that until now but nevertheless an interesting task. Besides that my friend Niclas and me brewed our first own beer. A really nice IPA. Nobody will doubt that brewery and wargaming are two sides of the same cooin.

June then was a mixed bag of more NWF figures, more modern zombies and a couple of character figures for Black Plague.

In July this blog didn't see more then two new posts. Somehow I didn't find the right mojo to finish wargaming stuff or prepare them for the blog...

August saw an increasing number of articles and I started my preparations for Tactica 2017. Really? That early? However in addition two more Black Plague characters received colour and I painted the first batch of those splendid NWF plastics by Perry Miniatures. Maybe the most productive month in 2016...

During September real life took too much of my time. Our elder daughter started her first year in school and decided that she wanted to learn ice hockey respectively ice skating first. Anyway that caused a severe clash in our daily schedule and I didn't spend too much time at the work bench. However during those weeks I worked on the Aboukir plastics and started a laser cut guboat kit for the same game.

October was slightly more relaxed. Although most of my projects carried on there weren't too many things to present. Some more NWF plastics painted, a couple of game reports and some 15mm distraction: German Panzergrenadiers for Team Yankee.

In November the second important wargaming show in my annual schedule took place and my friends and me had a splendid trip to Antwerp. Crisis was once again a tremendous event and it was great to meet old friends their and make new once.

Finally it's December now. My blog received a new header and I managed to finish the plastic conversions for Aboukir. Actually I only presented them this month but finished them a months ago. You see... Not too much time for tinkering and presenting. Anyway this very day nearly twelve are finished but they'll have to wait until January to be presented in Curt's painting challenge and on my blog later.

So twelve months done again. Reviewing those I found some figures that I really enjoyed to see again. Although they are all lined up in my glass cabinets in the entry hall I tend to pass by without noticing them. Anyway I see that I'm terribly slow especially with larger units like 24 figures or so. During the next weeks I have to focus on the figures and boats for our presentation and participation game at Tactica in Hamburg. The clock is ticking...

But for now let me close with my very best wishes for you and your dears. Enjoy New Years Eve and have a happy New Year.

All the very best for 2017 !


  1. A very productive year with some really excellent work produced. Hope that 2017 is a good year for you and yours

  2. Great year Stefan, on to another great year, all the best for 2017!

  3. Whilst it may have been a quieter year with regards to posts, the quality of what you have produced has been sublime. Your contributions to our cozy corner of the blogosphere are truly inspirational, Happy New Year my friend.

  4. That is a most excellent year by anyone's measure, Stefan! Have a great new year, and the very best wishes to you and the family - catch you in 2017!!

  5. A wonderful year Stefan. Thanks for sharing your gaming with us. All the best for 2017!

  6. Very productive and Happy New Year!


  7. A great years work - Loving the Egypt stuff inspiration to get my own project moving in 2017.