Friday, 23 December 2016

Last chance to get a Paul Hicks sculpt for £5 !

A while ago Paul Hicks started a lottery to help raising funds for his local rugby club. Luckily I met Paul at Crisis in Antwerp and had the chance to make his pleasant acquaintance. He's a hobby rugby player and loyal supporter of his club so I decided to spread his project via my humble blog.

The Chesham Stags plan to build a new club house and Paul's helping them to collect the needed money. On Youtube there is a short video clip featuring the Stags:

For £5 you can buy a ticket for his lottery and for the lucky winner Paul will sculpt a bespoke 28mm figure. Pretty simple, isn't it?

So if you ever wanted a special figure or maybe yourself in 28mm or even if you just need a Christmas present for one of your wargaming fellows then don't hesitate to join Paul's lottery. He'll close it tomorrow and draw the winner between 12pm and 1pm.

Some more details on Facebook: Here (public, no FB account needed to read).

In case that you want one or more tickets please contact Paul:
p h i c k s 1 [at] m a c [dot] c o m

A couple of days ago the fund raiser was at £1,305 so about 261 tickets sold. So you might want to raise your chances and take more than just one ticket...

Anyway keep in mind that you have only 24 hours to join the lottery !

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  1. I shall be anxiously checking my tickets later, thank you so much again!