Wednesday, 7 December 2016

New header

My friend Holger is a professional and very gifted graphic engineer and during his lunchbreak he seemed to have been rather bored. Luckily he used his free time to experiment with some pictures and somehow a new header for my humble blog came into being:

As you see he took a historical picture of Field Marshal Montgomery, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Alan Brooke in front of Monty's famous caravan. On the right hand side he included a couple of my Perry plastics for NWF. I'm especially delighted because those are some of my favourite results from last year.

Many thanks to Holger!
I hope you like the new header as well.


  1. Great stuff. Looks really good. cheers

  2. looks great I have the perrys plastic NWF box ready for the winter challenge if they come out half as well as yours I will be a happy bunny

  3. Very nice mate. Holger is a top bloke!

  4. Not only is this a finely looking header for your page, it is also well deserved of the high quality of its contents! So great and fitting gift!