Monday 1 August 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Xuxa

Let's proceed with the parade of survivors. After Brother James and Lucas here comes the third figure for Zombicide: Black Plague I painted recently:


She was part of the Black Plague Kickstarter which took place last year and the generous backers unlocked her after collecting as much as $1,300,000. As most of the other Kickstarter exclusive survivors she's inspired by a well-known TV character:
Although I never followed the Xena TV series I recognised her at once as inspiration for the figure. Somehow the series about this warrior princess was an essential part of the TV culture in the late nineties and there was no way to ignore it completely. Unfortunately those pseudo-greek-mythic stories never caught me...
Anyway here 30mm incarnation is a nice piece of craftsmanship. As usual Cmon depicted her character very well and recreated her costume almost perfectly. Qualitatively the figure is simply as good as all the stuff I've seen from Cmon so far. A really well detailed piece made of that robust board game plastic.
Gamewise Xuxa is a very tough survivor. She starts with a bonus on strength and is very soon able to fight those tough monsters which are usually unbeatable in close combat for other survivors. Of course that makes her a good choice for any game but maybe it turns the balance too far to the easy corner. We'll see...
Usually I take the pictures of my painted figures before varnishing them. Therefore I'll have to ass some static grass or foliage to the base later.


  1. Great job Stefan, I had this one in my hand the other day, but put her down and primed Gowan. Seeing how good she looks when painted by your talented self may make me change my mind. Like you I was aware of Xena and watched a couple of episodes, but I don't remember it being essential viewing. Just as an aside, Klom is finished, I just need to varnish him and write up the post so expect to see him on Saturday.

    1. Many thanks, Sir.
      Your Klom was indeed top notch.

    2. Many thanks, Sir.
      Your Klom was indeed top notch.

  2. buen trabajo si señor
    la princesa,bueno esos cueros
    un saludo

  3. Very well done Monty! You've certainly hit the nail on the head with your excellent paint job.

  4. That's great work Stefan, very 90's, excellent model!