Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Zombicide - More zombies...

The last two weeks were pretty quiet here. My apologies for that but the Pentecost weekend and its preparation took too much time. Wonderful time indeed because it was family time but on the other hand your's truly didn't find the time to presents his last outcome.

So here we go: Another eight Zombies for Zombicide:

In the game there are 65 zombies in different poses. The common zombies alone come in five different sculpts. Thus I decided to paint them sculpt by sculpt always eight simultaneously. So after the first bunch of white-collar zombies here are some more artisanal undead:
As before I employed a really simple and quick painting style. Nothing to produce pieces of art but at least some coloured board game pieces looking pretty alright from playing distance.
Again I used Vallejo colours above a smooth undercoat of Armypainter's Necrotic Flesh spray primer. Simple shading with Armypainter Quickshade and then some drybrushing to work out some highlights. Finished.
For the bases I stayed to the desert look to keep things uniform. The idea behind that was to create quick results and to get an idea of a drought, desperate ghost town.

During the next couple of days there'll follow more zombies. Finished they are but the pictures haven't been prepared yet. After them some miniatures of higher quality will leave the painting table. After weeks in the shadow of the undead some more 72nd Highlanders for NWF were finished meaning that nine of them are ready for action now. The final three in progress now.


  1. You really are getting through them Stefan, fabulous additions my friend.

  2. You can never have to many zombies,great work!

  3. Really fantastic work! Braaaains!!!!!!!

  4. Best looking zombies I've seen Stefan!

  5. Great addition to the others! Don't let them take over your home! :-D