Monday, 2 May 2016

Painting Zombicide - First bunch of zombies.

Everything's better with zombies some say. Well at least our games' closet is!

As early as summer 2016 the Kickstarter campaign about Zombicide - Black Plague caught my attention. A friend from our club was about to back it and I got slightly tempted to follow his example. Especially because I read from some of my blogging fellows who seemed to develop a certain addiction to killing zombies. Anyway I wasn't able to convince peaceful Mrs Monty that zombie hunting is a good activity for our regular board gaming sessions so I refrained from backing Black Plague and banned the whole thing to the back of my mind...

But it came to pass in these days that I had this splendid hobby weekend near Stuttgart. As I mentioned earlier Saturday evening was tainted with the medieval incarnation of the zombie apocalypse. Namely we played the earlier mentioned Black Plague there and all my desires for this series of board games came up again. All geared up with personal experience rather than internet rumors I returned home and explained the game to attentive Mrs Monty and painted a most glowing picture of it. Anyway I was successful and thus Zombicide - Season 1 found its way into our small but exquisite collection of board games. After the first game changeable Mrs Monty fell under the its spell and turned to be the mainspring for organising the following sessions and the future growth of our Zombicide collection. Believe me I love it when a plan comes together...

Finally I decided that a miniature game in my possession must not stay unpainted. Thus after Imperial Assault I took the challenge to paint playing pieces again. First for the zombies to get a feeling for the style and the quality of the figures:

The game comes with about 65 zombies of three different types: Walkers, runners, fatties and an abomination. At least the walkers and runners come in different poses, so I decided to start with those numerous chaps. The game includes eight of each kind so it seemed obvious to paint those identical figures simultaneously.
So I chose those kind of white collar zombies first. They are very nicely sculpted and deliver an excellent casting quality. Some of the figures have visible mold lines but after all they are pretty easy to remove. The figures seem to consist of the same material as the Imperial Assault playing pieces.
As you see I applied a very basic paintjob: Basic colours, Armypainter Quickshade, drybrushing, bases. Surely that doesn't make them vintage pieces of art but honestly I'll not bear up painting 65 zombies at the best quality I might be able to deliver. 'Quick and dirty' is the slogan for this project. For that reason it didn't take me longer than two or three days to paint those eight chaps and under these circumstances I'm pretty happy with the result. From gaming distance they look pretty much okay and that's exactly what I expect from those zombie hordes. I'll take more time for the survivors and the abomination but those nameless hordes have to be finished quickly rather than beautiful.

As you see your's truly will bother you with some more Zombicide stuff during the next weeks...


  1. Really looking good! I keep thinking I will paint mine some day...

  2. You are well and truly bitten! Lovely work Stefan.

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  4. Are there goodlooking Zombies? Don't think so! :-D
    Great painted figures Stefan! ;-)


  5. Very nice, I'm starting to think zombies may be appearing on my future projects to do list!