Thursday, 26 May 2016

Guess what... Even more zombies

Although I scored some progress on my last three highlanders I didn't find the time for too many intensive painting sessions. Thus I turned my attention to a much easier bunch of figures: 
Since I don't want to bother you with repeating the facts about the Zombicide game so let me just mention the two posts about it to our newer reader:
With those eight chaps done I've finished after all three fifth of the walkers. Currently there are eight of the sixteen females on my painting table. Maybe something for next week...
Anyway although I enjoy it very much to do some quickly painted miniatures without caring for details too much I'm looking forward to having all zombies done. After them I'll address myself to the survivors. Some much more challenging miniatures again.


  1. Lovely zombies.... and you can never have to many 😉

  2. I think it's scientifically impossible to have too many zombies!

  3. You must be getting through the box now Stefan - keep going Sir.

  4. Greats looking Z's Stefan, they look like the Rejects out for a night on the tiles......although a lot thinner!

  5. Well done Stefan! With all that great stuff your Zombicide games will be a feast for the eyes I imagine.

  6. Wow Stefan, they are really taking over your home! Great work again!