Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Santa's Little Helper (2) - Ideas for 'Secret Santa' venture

My apologise for the absence of my usually regular weekend update. I'm still working on the Plancenoit houses and since Crisis will take place at the next weekend I'm in a rush now. Thus I didn't manage to take photos and post them here. I'll catch up on that later.
But besides the upcoming show there's another thing occupying my mind. As last year I'm participating in the 'Santa Clause' campaing as well as in the 'Secret Santa' venture run bei Ian and his dear wife Cath. The latter asked us participants to post some kind of whish list to help our generous donor. Thus here's what yours truly might be in need of:

28mm WW2 Desert Rats:
Recently I started a platoon sized project with Desert Rats. With infantry I'm rather well-recourced from the Perry's wonderful platic box. But those fine chaps might need some support. Thus any combination of the sets with Vickers MG, 3" mortar, 2pdr AT gun or 6pdr AT gun would be very useful. Some of the vehicles are in the price range for 'Secret Santa' as well.
Actually they are outside the price range but just to make sure: Please avoid the Matilda tank, the 25pdr with crew and limber and the Morris Quad tractor. I already ordered those.

28mm Napoleonics:
A constant threat on my workbench. Actually I'm well-recourced with Napoleonics to do but a thing I've been lurking around for months are the special sets and vignettes the Perry twins made for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. The set with Ponsonby or some of their three 'Napoleonic Extras' would be a good choice for 'Secret Santa'.

28mm Modern Warfare:
Sometime this winter I'll focus on this interesting topic. Until now I have some mordern British by Empress and a two or three Hasslefree modern troopers. Thus some insurgents would be an ides for 'Secret Santa'. Therefore I like Empress's range or those miniatures by Spectre.

Imperial Assault:
Lately we started a campaign and sooner or later I'll be in need of some of the allies or villains Fantasy Flight Games is producing. Any of the follwing packs would be a good choice: Boby Fett, Princess Leia Organa, Alliance Smuggler, IG-88 bountyhunter droid, Hired guns, Rebel troppers ally pack, Echo Base troopers.

But besides that feel free to find your own ideas. Actually I'd appreciate anything that shows the efforts 'Secret Santa' made to find a suitable present. I love the moment of surprise with this wonderful bloggers' venture and thus don't want to provide a too detailed wish list. I hope 'Secret Santa' will find something from the topics above or has another cracking idea. Simply surprise me!

So I've done my duty and I'm looking forward to a wonderful season. I'll gladly search a present for my 'target' as soon as possible. Hopefully he or she will have a wish list online until thursday because then I could buy a nice gift at Crisis next weekend.

Last but not least to all participants:
Enjoy the venture, chaps !


  1. I hope Santa is very good to you!

  2. That's a splendid list, let's hope you have been a good boy! ;)

  3. Great list, need to paint my stuff for Santa as well!

  4. Some cracking ideas there, your Secret Santa should find lots to choose from


  5. Many thanks, chaps. I'm looking forward to seeing how my 'target' reacts on his present and of course I'm curious, what Santa will put under our Christmas tree.