Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Crisis coming! Estate finished... Finally!

Two days until Crisis 2015... Huzzah!

Yours truly is keen on this show. A trip with some good friends, good Belgian beer and the most important wargames show on the European continent. I'm really looking forward to see some chaps from the UK who are coming over. Mostly traders but some other hobby fellows as well.

As I mentioned a couple of time before our club is preparing a 28mm game featuring the battle of Plancenoit meaning the Prussian advance towards Waterloo in June 1815. Since neither Prussians nor French are my cup of Napoleonic tea I agreed to prepare a couple of buildings for the table. Now I finished the largest one... Finally:
The model itself is by Grand Manner. A wonderful piece from Dave Bodleys gifted hands but rather too modern since it came from his WW2 range. Thus I removed some parts of the estate as mentioned earlier here.
Last weekend I painted roofs and sealed my humble work with two coats of varnish. Afterall I'm really satisfied with the result. It was an excellent chance to improve my building skills and thus I'm planning to make more terrain during winter time.

In case that you'll be in Antwerp please let me know or just come by our table. We'll be near the main entrance just behind Magister Militum and Caliver Books.


  1. Great work on the building – it looks splendid!

    Have a great time at Crisis! Hopefully I'll be able to attend this show some day.

  2. Beautiful build! Great modifications. /Mattias

  3. What a fabulous build Stefan, you should be justly proud of your efforts. Best of luck with the show, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing some photographs on your return.

  4. Well done on the building and I hope you had fun in Antwerp!