Wednesday, 18 November 2015

FOR SALE: Imperial Assault (English) +++ AS NEW +++

By coincidence yours truly got hold of a second box of the Imperial Assault basic game. One in English and one in German. Thus I'd like to offer the English version for sale. Here are some pictures:
The complete bundle. All parts of the game are included in the original packaging.

All the figures are absolutely new and haven't left their zip bag before.
The cards, dice and the Luke and Vader figure packs. Cards were examined a couple of time but they are complete and without any damage.
The books, the hero cards and some stickers. Everything as new. The books only flicked through once or twice.

The board tiles are still shrink-wrapped and unpunched.
Since the game is really as new - mostly unwrapped - I'd ask for about 80€ / £60 or a reasonable offer.

For insured and tracked shipping I'd ask for 6€ inside Germany or 15€ / £10 inside the European Union. Some destinations like the Italian and Spanish island might be even more expensive. Please be sure that I don't charge more than necessary. If desired I could send uninsured and untracked on the recipient's risk.

In case that you are interested please don't hesitate to send me a message via the contact form on the right hand side or just drop an email to:

In case that it isn't sold until weekend I'll have to put it an e... you know where.

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