Monday, 23 December 2013

The finished AWI Camp Scene

Yesterday I promised to post some pictures of the finished camp scene here. Et voilà:
 The figures are from Perry Miniatures. An excellent set the twins published last year. It contains of six figures and a camp fire piece. Two of the figures are combined to a woman combing a man's hair. The miniatures are as good as all miniatures from the Perrys I know. There was rather little flash and the were easy to prepare.
These figures are some of the first figures I primed black for a long time. Surprisingly the colours turned out as brilliant as they usually do on white primer. I didn't expect that since my black primer experience is based on Citadel colours which seem to be far less pigmented than Vallejo Model Coulour.

As usual I used Vallejo Model Colours and a film of Armypainter Quickshade for shades. Once againi I was surprised by the brilliance of a colour. Obviously the Quickshade stays fresh in the plastic bottles I decanted it in and it was much darker than I presumed. Apparently I was used to stale Quikshade with less free pigments.
Anyway for my humble skills and the temporal pressure I painted the vignette under  I'm really satisfied. Together with some tents, some trees or something like that it'll give a nice touch to the battlefield.
The vignette shall represent a couple of soldiers of the 3rd Regiment of Foot "The Buffs" whose 3rd bataillon fought during the American War of Independence from 1781 in Cornwallis forces. They stayed in the colonies until the bitter end at Yorktown and were sent to Jamaica afterwards. Anyway just now the boys are having some nice tea and a chat while two of their wives shepherd them devotedly.


  1. A beautiful piece for the table Monty, fabulous work!!

  2. Great work Monty. You really brought this little vignette to life.

  3. That is a beautiful vignette Monty - it really blew me away when I saw it in the theme gallery.

  4. This was a lovely entry. I enjoyed seeing such a nice submission.

  5. Thanks a lot for the nice comments.
    Actually it was great fun to paint such excellent figures and they make a nice,
    meaningful scene by itself.


  6. Truly lovely!

    Your idea for decanting the Army Painter is a good one. I'll try it now!

  7. A lovely vignette ! excellent painting work.
    Merry Christmas !

  8. A lovely vignette, very nice work.

  9. A lovely piece, Monty. Full of character and beautifully executed. Nice figures from the Perrys and you've done them full justice.
    A very merry Christmas to you and your family,

  10. I thought that this was sensational Stefan, a great post Sir.

  11. Excellent dio for a gaming table! Wonderfull work!