Sunday, 22 December 2013

First entry to Curt's painting challenge... And more prepared

After a week the first figures for Curt's challenge were finished. First of all a drunken monk by Shadowforge miniatures which I painted last week after havig it lying around for ages. Here he is:
Drunken friar by Shadowforge miniatures
 As usual I painted the miniature with Vallejo paints and some Armypainter Quickshade. The result is rather fine I think although the face didn't turn out that nice. Anyway faces are kind of Nemesis for me so I shouldn't bother. Curt brought me to the idea that the friar might make an excellent lookout for Lindisfarne. Perfect idea, so he'll go into my Saga collection.

In addition I was able to pass the first bonus round with my AWI camp scene. With my painting speed a lot of work for one week but I finished all six models, the camp fire and the base. Because Curt just posted the pictures on his gallery for the challenge (here), I'll wait until tomorrow evening until I post the pictures here myself. Anyway here's a small teaser for those who cannot wait:
Meanwhile business continues on my workbench. First of all I started to prepare a figure for the second bonus round of the challenge "Villain" which is scheduled for the sunday after next sunday. Simultaneously I started to paint a set of retreat 1812 figures. On the one hand I want to present them on Curt's challenge and on the other hand I need them for a the set of skirmish rules a friend of mine is developing and I'm supporting a little. Additionally the miniatures for "Bloggers for Charity" are prepared and some other figures have been waiting to be finished for some time. Maybe I'll spend a few minutes on them during the next few weeks.


  1. Stefan wonderful drunken monk it made me smile a lot. Wishing you and your Family a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

  2. I liked your drunken monk as well. Your entry in the bonus theme was wonderful as well. My villain is now on the table as well.

    Have a Happy Christmas!

  3. Ha ha...the fly swallower! Merry Christmas.

  4. Excellent work on the monk! Nice basing to!