Wednesday, 18 December 2013

So it begins... My start into the painting challenge.

Sunday was dominated by family business. In the mornig I went for a swim with Viktoria and in the afternoon we all took a trip to Düsseldorf and visited the (ice) hockey game of Düsseldorf against Schwenningen in the German Hockey League (DEL). Both was great pleasure and I enjoyed it very much but it delayed my start into Curt's painting challenge slightly.

So monday evening I prepared my workbench to start the challenge with some male delight:
- a glass of sherry to a good challenge,
- a cigar for this very special occasion,
- a cup of my favoured Earl Grey tea,
- a game of hockey in the background
- and -of course- some miniatures to paint
The scene is set...
So the first task for me is the entry for Curt's "Non-Combatants"-round. Last week I found a nice drinking monk which I bought ages ago. It would make a perfectly unmilitary entry but I found it a bit to easy to paint just a single miniature to tap the bonus points. Therefor I stayed with my original idea and started with the AWI camp scene by Perry Miniatures. Since painting went rather well on monday and yesterday I'm confident that I'll finish them until saturday.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for writing during the challenge but I'll keep you in the loop concerning the my progress.


  1. Nice start!

    Doing it in style, I see!

  2. That is an impressive set up Monty, good luck my friend

  3. A good start then! Man. I haven't had a cigar in months, you've really tempted me!

  4. What is the most important for you to begin the challenge in good conditions ?
    -figures to paint

    (I'm pretty sure that this will be very useful for the other challengers !)

  5. Looks like you found the right way to start the challenge. Good luck!

  6. How very civilised! Well done sir.

  7. Well done Sir, I'll join you in a sherry - haven't had one of those for while...

  8. I'll look forward to see some pics Stefan!

  9. What a fabulous start to the challenge, I may have to join you in a glass of sherry - best of luck Stefan!

  10. Now that is how to start the challenge in style my friend! I think that deserves bonus points. Good luck.

  11. Nice setting Stefan! Good luck in the challenge!