Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Weekly News: First Birthday of Monty's Caravan !

One year ago on 10th January 2012 Monty's Caravan went online. Actually it started as a kind of self-motivation-workbench-diary-thing but since then I got so much kind support by my highly valued readers that the blog earned its own right to exist.

Thank you all a lot for that !

So after one year please allow me, to present some statistics:

Posts: 74 (average 1.5 posts per week)

Followers: 122

Visits: 19.930 (best month was November 2012 with 3.242 visits)

Comments: 585

Your favoured articles:
1.) 505 visits: Bolt Action Game Report 09th November 2012 
2.) 371 visits: Liebster Blog Award for Monty's Caravan ! 
3.) 299 visits: Blackpowder AAR: The 2nd Siege of Kolberg (fictional Napoleonic)

This year of blogging was a new experience and a lot of fun for me and I'm looking forward to the next year in the bloggosphere. I got acquainted with a lot of interesting blogs and friendly people (that's you!) and I hope to spend more great time here in 2013.


  1. Well done Monty. You write a very enjoyable blog.

  2. Looks like a good start and a great first year.
    Happy anniversary, Monty!

  3. Happy 1st birthday to the Caravan! Congrats Monty! :)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday Monty! Definitely a very enjoyable and worthwhile addition to the blogosphere. I started mine for basically the same reasons. Don't ever let it become/feel like an obligation, just a fun extension of your hobby.

    Speaking of starting new blogs, I'd like you to check out (and hopefully follow ;-) ) my new 1813 Napoleonic blog. It's a joint project with my friend Eric who is totally new to Nap., although both of us are just starting our 28mm armies. Should be fun. :-)


  5. Happy Blog Day, Sir! It is fun to come over here and hangout.

  6. Happy birtday and well done!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday Monty! Let's hope you have an even more successful 2nd year!!!

  8. Fine work Monty, always an enjoyable read mate.

    Well done.

  9. Very many happy returns to the blog Stefan and here is to many more.

  10. Happy Birthday!
    and congrats for the 20 000 views(exactly : 20039 yet)

  11. Well done Monty - looking forward to more. Must admit my own AAR's seem to derive the most hits - I guess people enjoy reading battle reports!

  12. Congratulations! I didn't realize that we started almost at the same time.

    1. So didn't I... :-)

      Congrats to you, Ben!

  13. happy blog day too! all our blogs shows me, that our hobby is really exciting and it's a joy to see all this people and their blogs. :-)

  14. Thanks a lot!
    I'll do my very best to achieve your expectations.


  15. Happy birthday to the caravan! Looking forward to the next year's posts!