Friday, 4 January 2013

Pneumonia projects

Some family traditions are really weird. In my family it seems to arise the habit to pass someone's illness to another family member:
At Christmas Eve I started to cough a bit. A few days later it grew worse and a sore throat joined it. After my family doctor returned from her holiday I visited her this morning and after some auscultation and X-ray examination she diagnosed pneumonia within my right lung. That sounds worse than I feel but it means at least two weeks of antibiotics and the interdiction to work. Fortunately it's not too infectious and I don't have to go to the hospital.

Therefore I'll try to use the time as productive as possible and maybe I'll get some projects continued or even finished.

For example some more parts of my new gaming board. I finished the first piece this week and I'm rather satisfied with the result:
The first terrain piece for the new board...
In addition I primed several British hussars and French Old Guard grenadiers in blue last week. Altogether 36 miniatures to paint. Maybe I'll able to do some of them. Momentarily I finished two grenadiers to try out "Prussian Blue" in comparison to "Dark Prussian Blue" and tried some other technique for the skin:
"Prussian Blue" on the left, "Dark Prussian Blue" on the right
And I hope to have some more time for this blog. There's a Bolt Action game this evening which I could write some lines about, the Black Watch is to be reviewed, there was our annual year-end event which was a funny thing and there are some older reports I owe you.

So I think I'll get my convalescence filled with some progress on the workbench...


  1. Wow - sorry to hear about the pneumonia - I know of several others recently coming down with it - my 80 mom had it last year - she beat it. Anyway best wishes for a speedy recovery and very nicely done terrain and figures. Den

  2. Glad you are on the wellness-come-back. Nice scenery piece; and the lighter blue painted soldier is the more dramatic for my eyes than the darker uniform.

  3. Good looking board and those figures look great!
    Get well some!!

  4. Damn! Sorry to here about the illness, but at least you'll get a little free time. Love the terrain board, very very nice!! I too prefer the Prussian blue figure, with just a little more colour they stand out better. IMHO that is!

  5. Bummer dude, get well soon mate. That board looks awesome, well done.

    All the best.

  6. Sorry to hear about your illness and I hope you recover quickly.

    I prefer the Prussian Blue figure. The highlights stand out better and I prefer the skin tone you got on that figure.

  7. The terrain board looks great, I look forward to seeing it along with the rest in a table set-up.
    The dark prussian blue gets my vote.
    Get well soon,

  8. Sorry to hear you contracted the 'dreaded lurgie', but hope for a swift recovery.
    The terrain bioard is fab.

    I think I'd go with the more muted Darkest tone on right, seems more realistic.

  9. I hope you're on the mend quickly Monty. I'd go with the figure on the left just knowing you're going to be a fair distance away from your minis on the table top, so they need a little "pop" sometimes to avoid looking too dark and flat. Both look great though. :-)

  10. Thanks for all your caring and encouraging comments.
    Tomorrow the doctor will have some blood of mine examined to look whether the antibiotics work. I hope so...

    But you know:
    Bad grass never dies. ;-)