Thursday, 1 November 2012

Eight Highlanders finished and a journey to undertake

Finally the next eight Highlanders for my Waterloo Black Watch are finished:
The eight Highlanders on poles because they need to be varnished still.
Each and every of those men has its specific blemishes but to me they seem suitable as rank and file troops. Next week I'll start with the last eight soldiers including an officer, sergeant, drummer, an ensign and the piper. With a little luck I'll be able to finish them before Advent season.

In addition to this good news the coming weekend casts it's own shadow ahead. This year I'll visit the Crisis-Comnvention at Antwerp (Link). I'll have the great pleasure to visit the show with my fellow gamers from the "Team for historical Simulations"(Website here) from Erkrath (small town near Düsseldorf within the German Rhine Area) and support them at their presentation game. It will be "Prelude to the Battle of the Five Armies" (a little foretaste here) a kind of rencounter before the actual battle. The scenario and terrain was developed by our mate Robert for 15mm / 18mm miniatures and we'll use the "Triumph and Tragedy" ruleset (website here) with some adjustments and additions (therefore called "Triumph, Tragedy and Trolls").
But alongside I expect an awesome trip with the boys and a nice day at Crisis. I#m looking forward to meeting some guys in person which I've been knowing from the world wide web for some time.
However I'll post a report next week.

Here's the official poster:


  1. Excellent paint work! You should be proud of these troops!

    Have a fun time at Crisis.

  2. Very nice!

    Remember that the Pipers (but not the drummers) wore Stuart tartans and not Government ones when you get to them!

    1. Thanks for the hint.

      As far as I know the drummers and grenadiers of the Black Watch wore the Government Sett but with a red overstripe. Concerning the pipers you are right.


  3. Superb painting on these, I look forward to seeing the completed unit. Have a great time at Crisis.

  4. These really are rather wonderful, great work Stefan! Have a great 'Crisis', I'm looking forward to hearing how it went on your return.

  5. Very nice work and have fun at Crisis!


  6. Nice work on those highlanders.