Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bolt Action 23.11.2012 (28mm): Search and Rescue

Last Friday the THS met in the headquarter once again and I had the pleasure to participate in another game of Bolt Action. We played on an urban board with a lot of really nice scenary which Achim provided. Although the buildings were actually designed for 20mm miniatures, they worked well with the 28mm figures you might remember from the first Bolt Action game report here (Link). It created a dense feeling of street fighting and allowed an exiting, entertaining but unusually short game.
Target of German and American desire.

Within this small city a German airplane crashed down. It carried a high-ranking staff officer who escorted secret plans for the Army Group B to counter the Allied advance. Although he survived the crash, he severely wounded and unable to find his way back to the German lines.
To rescue him and the plans the Germans launched a search and rescue mission. At the same time the Americans sent a small vanguard to catch him and take him prisoner to lay their hands on the top secret plans.


During the first turn the two opposing forces entered the city and rushed from house to house on their search. They had to enter every building -or at larger buildings every section- to check whether the downed officer is there.
The Germans hurrying towards the ruined factory hall.

Meanwhile the Americans entered the town from the other side and used the jeep to advance straight to the city center.
The American Forward Air Observer acting as advance guard.
The Germans sensed the danger of lurking air strikes and moved their 37mm Flak into position.
SdKfz 7 with 37mm Flak covering the German attack. (Photo provided by Axel)
After these first careful moves the forces met near the city center. While the Germans conquered the large factory ruin, the Americans gathered around the central plaza.
Finally the Germans were lucky enough to find the staff officer in a building just near the central plaza which the Americans hadn't crossed yet. At once they rendered first aid and prepared him for being removed from the battlefield:
We found him!
 Now the Americans had to go for broke. They applied all their recourses and called the first airstrike. But once again the US Airforce turned out to be unreliable. Obviously they sent a rookie pilot who was absolutely overextended with his mission. Under incoming anti-aircraft fire he became flustered and made a fatal mistake:
US Air Force attacking their own advancing troops.
 The ground attack aircraft destroyed one of the buldings completely and the Americans lost the whole infangry squad which was nearest to the Germans who got the staff officer.

So they sent their tank into battle and wanted to detain the Germans this way:

German infantey spotting their armoured foe.

But the Germans didn't leave their footsoldiers unassisted  and sent their PzKpfw IV to support his comrades:
PtKfpw IV advancing towards the Sherman. (photo provided by Axel)
The first shot missed the American tank but the German got a second chance the turn later... And finished the job:
The second shot hit the Sherman and blew it into pieces.
With desperate courage the Yankees advanced again and unleashed their remaining troops:
The remaining infantry squad hurrying through the factory ruin.
American snipers trying to find an aim.
But in the end the Germans brought their staff officer to savety. The Americans weren't able to pursue the Germans fast enough through the urban canyons of the ruined city.
Hauptmann Steiner leading his forces on the right track to safety.

Once again we had a good game and an entertaining evening. But it was a rather unusual game. Since both forces tried to search the city as fast as possible only little fire was exchanged. Besides the events mentioned above both sides didn't take any casualties and only a few pinned markers. The mission was something new and great fun to play but maybe we can make things a bit more difficult the next time. After the Germans found their wounded comrade it was rather easy to reach the safety zone unspotted by enemy units.

However it was a great time with the fellows and I relished the excellent terrain and miniatures. Once again it was a pleasure to scan the gaming board for nice photo shots.


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    1. You're welcome.
      It's always a pleasure to me to sort the pictures and undergo the game again, but it's the icing on the cake when some people out there like the outcome.


  2. Great battle report...may be interesting to swap it from urban to a woodland or some other type of scenery, figure if you had less LOS blocking there would have been more shooting and casualties in the game.

    1. We played the last games on a rather open terrain and of course you are right: Better lines-of-sight and more casualties and pinned markers.
      This urban setting was a bit unusual though.

      However it was fun to test it.


  3. Great battle report. I guess, I have to finish my Fallschirmjäger sooner or later :-D

  4. Great stuff! Love all the pics. To be honest, I've been avoiding most of the Bolt Action stuff. I just can't afford another distraction. ;-)