Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bavarian Army Museum - Napoleon and the Bavarians

After this weekend some kind of autumn cold grapped our family and all of us were rather weary we're all getting better now and so I found the time to sort the pictures from my visit at the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt. Currently they're running a special exhibition about Napoleon and the Bavarians there and so my buddy Rick and I took the trip to Ingolstadt.

The museum itself is wonderfully located in Ingolstadt's old city centre and is occupying the New Castle there. Usually there's is a permanent exhibition about the history of the Bavarian Army running but currently it had to make way for the above mentioned Napoleonic exhibition. It is more politically and socially oriented then I expected in an ARMY museum but nevertheless an excellent trip and a lot of extremely interesting pieces to examine. Unfortunately the lighting was pretty dark. Probably best for the old pieces and rather comfortable for the visitors but honestly doom for taking pictures. Therefore most of my photos turned out blurry or darkish. But anyway some are more or less presentable.

Of course the exhibition started with the Korsikan guy all the trouble was about two centuries ago:
Napoleon in his coronation robes
Napoleon in Egypt

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visiting Marienberg Fortress Würzburg

Here we go again, time for part one of my coverage of our trip to Würzburg. Most important we spent a couple of wonderful days with two of our oldest and dearest friends. Their hospitality was outstanding and we enjoyed to be with them once more. Unfortunately little Anna refused to sleep as calmly as usual. As her larger sister a couple of years ago she seems to be sick of the portacrib.
Marienberg Fortress southern side (picture from Wikipedia)
Under those wonderful conditions we undertook two trip which might matter to you. Thus first for our trip to Marienberg Fortress which is lying above River Main opposite to Würzburg city. The oldest parts of the castle were built by Konrad von Querfurt who was bishop of Würzburg during those days. Interestingly its main purpose was to protect himself against the defiant population of Würzburg who wasn't always eagerly accepting the orders and taxes the bishops imposed on them. The last reminder of the old castle that burnt down during the 16th century or was converted to more modern architecture is the keep in the middle of the fortress:
The old castle keep. Left hand there is the newer chappel of Marienberg Fortress.
Thus most of the fortress is much younger. It has a very turbulent history during which it was attacked and besieged several times. For example unsuccessfully during the German Peasant's War in 1525, successfully during the Thirty Years' War in 1631 and once again successfully during the Prussian Main Campaign in 1866. Simoultaneously it was residence of the bishops of Würzburg and prison during the witchcraft trials. All in all a really interesting place but its decent history would go beyond the constraints of this humble article.

However nowadays most of the structural parts of the fortress date back to the great renovation and expansion performed under guidance of Prince-bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn (16th century) and Archbishop-Elector Johann Philipp von Schönborn (17th century):
Schönborn Gate named after the influential bishop.
Echter Gate named after the other builder of the modern parts of the fortress.
Princes' Building with museum, restaurant and conference centre.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back from Würzburg and to business

My apologies for being absent lately but we - meaning my three girls and me - spent a a couple of days with friends near Würzburg. It was a wonderful long weekend with wonderful hospitality, excellent weather and two interesting trips. One lead us to Marienberg Fortress and the other to the Bavarian Army Museum again. This time to visit an interesting exhibition about Napoleon and Bavaria. I'll post more about those trips soon but for now a small preview:
Yours truly trying a Bavarian helmet
But most of all let me thank you for the wonderful, helpful and kind feedback on those Desert Rats. As most of you suggested I'll mix a couple of colours for the shirts to break the uniformity subtly.

But during this week there's work to do for our Plancenoit project. Three ruins need some progress and half a dozen of French voltigeurs as well. And lately there have some troopers stormed my workbench which I have to finish... Stay tuned!