Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Xuxa

Let's proceed with the parade of survivors. After Brother James and Lucas here comes the third figure for Zombicide: Black Plague I painted recently:

She was part of the Black Plague Kickstarter which took place last year and the generous backers unlocked her after collecting as much as $1,300,000. As most of the other Kickstarter exclusive survivors she's inspired by a well-known TV character:
Although I never followed the Xena TV series I recognised her at once as inspiration for the figure. Somehow the series about this warrior princess was an essential part of the TV culture in the late nineties and there was no way to ignore it completely. Unfortunately those pseudo-greek-mythic stories never caught me...
Anyway here 30mm incarnation is a nice piece of craftsmanship. As usual Cmon depicted her character very well and recreated her costume almost perfectly. Qualitatively the figure is simply as good as all the stuff I've seen from Cmon so far. A really well detailed piece made of that robust board game plastic.
Gamewise Xuxa is a very tough survivor. She starts with a bonus on strength and is very soon able to fight those tough monsters which are usually unbeatable in close combat for other survivors. Of course that makes her a good choice for any game but maybe it turns the balance too far to the easy corner. We'll see...
Usually I take the pictures of my painted figures before varnishing them. Therefore I'll have to ass some static grass or foliage to the base later.

Zombicide: Black Plague - Lucas

After a week of sweltering heat I braced myself up to write at least some humble line about one of the figures I painted while I was offline:
... one of the survivors for Black Plague

As Brother James before Lucas is one of the Kickstarter exclusive survivors and was unlocked early at $200K of collected funds. Once again Cmon (Cool Mini or not) took the chance to make a figure inspired by a character well known from TV. Guess who!
Liam Neeson in 'Kingdom of Heavens'
Honestly it took a while until I got it but actually the figure catches the character of Gidfrey of Ibelin pretty well. Even the belts are correct.
Besides the character it bears the figure is as good as usual from Cmon. It had only very few flash and was rather easy to clean up. The material is the usual semi-flexible plastic companies are using for board game miniatures nowadays.
As usual I employed mostly Vallejo Game and Model colours as well as Wargames Foundry skin colour sextette. Actually I tried to stay as close as possible to the character portrait on his card but compared to the photo from the movie the tunic turned far too green.

Since the figures come with plain bases I tried to imitate some cobbles with greenstuff. As you see I'm still practicing but with some static grass or scenic moss it'll do well on the table I presume. Again I took the pictures before varnishing Lucas so those pieces have to be added later.
During the next week or week a couple of more survivors will follow. Currently two more are finished and the Paul Bonner Special Guest box is on the painting table to get splashed with colour. But Klom and his fellows will have to wait until I've finished some other WIP pieces from my table. Mist important a vignette for a dear friend I've been working on for ages and the first five of my Perry NWF plastics...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Birthday passed and online again

Luckily the issue with my laptop wasn't insolvable. After some careful treatment I was able too restore power supply. Thus I can gladly fill this blog with posts again...
However yesterday I had the doubtful pleasure to accomplish another year of age. We spend a wonderful day at with the family at Schloss Burg near Wuppertal and visited the castle museum. Not too profound for enthusiasts like us but nevertheless a very interesting place for curious children like our two girls.
Afterwards we had some friends for dinner and a exiting game of Zombicide: Black Plague. The game gave us some great hours again although we finally perished in the surge of zombies. Really a splendid day which sweetened the pill of aging!

On top of this some generous souls felt obliged to enrich my birthday with interesting presents. Some of those game more or less hobby related:

Many thanks to all who passed their wished the modern, digital way on Facebook or via email. I appreciate each and every of your messages and honestly they really made my day!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Brother James

In hindsight my last entry was pretty lame. The pictures were taken on my mobile phone and the entry itself was arranged on that tiny device as well. Seen on a usual screen the pictures and overall appearance of the post was far from optimal. Hence I understand why the commentaries were as scattered as restrained. Anyway I got cracking a bit to present you something better quickly:
Brother James with his character card

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Short Update - Black Plague survivors

Last weekend was packed with family business. It was Anna's second birthday and our whole family fell in on Sunday so Saturday was overshadowed by the preparations. After all it was a merry day with cake, tea and football. Luckily team Germany performed better than my appreciated Three Lions and threw out Hungary 3-0.
Anyway on the workbench there are still a couple of Zombicide and Black Plague miniatures. Especially those character figures from Black Plague are excellent stuff to work with. The plastic is the same softish stuff well known from board game pieces but nevertheless the miniatures are well detailed and well cast.

The figures I'm currently painting are from the Kickstarter exclusive survivors. You might notice that they recall some central characters from established TV series and films. I'll explain that further when I present the finished pieces. May the first of them rather soon...

Besides those four chaps there are still some season 1 walkers waiting for the final touches and of course the NWF infantry in need of colours. So actually my workbench is once again fully stretched.