Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paint Table Saturday - Bows and trees

Last week I found the time to go back to the Perry plastics for the Wars of the Roses era. In addition I returned to my ever too small collection of terrain stuff and worked on some trees. Actually pretty simple trees but at least rather cheap ones and the battlefield they'll do the job I presume. Until now I've glued them onto 40mm bases with hot glue and smoothened the bases with filler. So it's time to paint the bases and the trunks now:

The bowmen got there liverees. Although most of the WotR figures will be used for the Burgundian siege of Neuss there isn't too much need for bowmen. So I decided to give them Yorkish red and blue. Because of my limited skill I decided not to paint badges. At least there now appropriate for any of the York brothers and they could serve for Eduard IV as well as for Clarence or their brother Richard. They're mostly finished except of the bases:

I hope you like my humble progress. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Dark Knight rises

This week weather was unpleasant again. Once again more than 30 °C with only two 'cooler' days in between. Honestly that kind of summer I really don't need. Anyway besides the progress with the gladiators I spent some time with Batman and finally finished him:
The Dark Knight is by Knight Models who make a really alluring range of 35mm miniatues. The figures are mostly inspired by the recent video games from the 'Arkham Asylum' series and by the recent movies by Christopher Nolan. 35mm makes them rather unique in size and more or less uncombinable with other ranges. Actually that doesn't hurt because the range is stylewise very extraordinary and I doubt whether there are other manufacturers making suitable models.

Anyway the quality of the figure is excellent. The proportions and the dynamic of its body language is captured excellently and full of expression. Especially the cape looks wonderfully vivid. Usually he comes with a 30mm slotted base but I didn't like its thickness. Thus I replaced it with a 25mm Renedra plastic base and added some greenstuff and plastic card to create an idea of banged up pavement. Not my best work but at least it doesn't spoil the miniature.
Only disadvantage of the figure is it's price. About £11 / 16 € is a lot for a single miniature. Nevertheless I don't regret the purchase. It granted me a couple of entertaining hours when I painted it and I enjoyed it very much to plunge into the DC universe. Honestly cinema tickets for the same time - meaning for two or three movies - would have been more expensive. I'm not sure whether this figure will be my first step into the Batman Miniature Game since I'm lacking like-minded wargaming fellow here but at least it lead me back to a story cycle I enjoyed very much during my younger days.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trip to the past...

Thirty-eight years ago on this very day the humble host of this blog came into this world in Germany's wonderful Rhine Area. Although I don't give too much on celebrating myself I always enjoy this day because it's a nice chance to meet the family and do something unusual. Since both of our children are ill we decided to have dinner at home. My parents will join us and we'll have salmon on herbs, Mediterranean salad and some Riesling from the Palatinate.

But the first highlight of this day was the present dear Mrs Monty gave to me. Literally a trip to the past since I owned more or less the same game about three decades ago:
It's a Stiga table hockey game probably well-known to my Scandinavian and North American readers but in Germany it's a real niche product. But during my younger days I was proud owner of one of those games and spent a many hours with battling friends on this field of honour. Viktoria and me tried it already this morning and I presume I'll need some practise...