Saturday, August 30, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Too many projects running ?

Unbelievable but true: This week I'm in time with Painting Table Saturday.

Although it'll be a rather busy weekend with some friends visiting us and a barbecue at my parents I hope to be able to spent some time at the workbench.
Besides more KGL greenjackets, the Napoleon vignette and more WWI Tommies there are the thing above on my workbench. You recognise the Dark Ages bulding easily I presume. It's the pitnhouse by Stronghold Terrain which I bought on Tactica this February. In addition there are some riders for our retreat 1812 project "White Death" and some Perry miniatures to deflash. While some of them shall reinforce my Normans for Saga the others will start another side-project...

Anyway I hope you'll have a great workbench at or away from your painting tables.

Enjoy your weekend !

Monday, August 25, 2014

Major Baring and three more 2nd KGL Riflemen

During the weekend I finished the announced riflemen finally. First of all their brave leader Major Georg Baring who lead the defense of La Haye Sainte during the battle of Waterloo nearly 200 years ago:
It's a rather simple conversio based on Perry Miniatures' light infantry officer, a bicorn head from the plastic box and some greenstuff. Although I'm definitely no talented sculptor I'm rather satisfied with the figure. Especially the part of the breast where the knot of the mirliton hat was sculpted. I had to remove it and then imitate the straps of Baring's jacket. Best seen on the image in the middle. Baring is based on a rather unusual 20mm x 40mm base. Actually that is slightly smaller than mounted figures are usually based but I wanted to be able to place him seamlessly between the riflemen on foot.
Second is a sergeant showing the boys where to go.

Another officer on foot. I'm not sure whether my attempt to paint NMM gold on the strap of the mirliton was successful. Looks a bit too yellow I'm afraid. So I would appreciate any hints for NMM recipes based on Vallejo Model Colors.
Once again it was great fun to paint this bunch of Perry miniatures. They are very well sculpted and a funny detail is that all the riflemen have a moustache. The only thing I didn't like that much is that all the colours of the uniform are very dark. That doesn't leave too many possibilities over to play with highlights. Especially the many black parts are a bit boring for painting and unpleasant for photography. Anyway the riflemen wore such an equipment in 1815...

Pandora's Box opened: Facebook

This time no pictures from miniatures but a short update for the blog itself. Yesterday I opened Pandora's Box and entered the largest social network community thing on earth:


Honestly I'm not sure whether that was a good decision or not but I have a couple of  friends who use Facebook but avoid Google+. Some of those friends are living rather far away and so Facebook is hopefully a way to get closer to them. At least electronically...

And undoubtlessly there's a lot of awesome miniatures and wargaming stuff on Facebook...

Anyway I was already lucky enough to find some of you chaps there and from time to time I'll drop some more friend request. Momentarily I have my hands full with figuring out which boxes to check to disclose some things but not everything...

But feel invited to visit me there as well: Here.