Monday, July 7, 2014

Monty's Caravan with a new livery !

You might have noticed that I changed the layout of this humble blog slightly. Honestly I've been pondering about the old colour sheme. Finally I found it too dark and too plain. So I experimented with some of the other blogger layout sheme and decided to try this brighter one.

Actually I was thinking about the dynamic layouts as well but didn't dare to make such a large change in one step. At the end I didn't want to mix up the complete blog.

Next I'll have to fix the header. Actually I want a nice picture there but I'm unsure, what to combine...

Please let me know whether you like the new design or not.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Pretty little horses

As you can imagine the last week was pretty busy. We had to arrange our family business with the new member but all in all it went really well. Fortunately Anna's much more relaxed than here older sister and mother are from time to time. She really takes after her father.

So I was able to spend some time at the painting table. Unfortunately not too much progress. Especially the real project have some delay but nevertheless there are some horses on my workbench to get some progress this weekend:
Probably you recognise them as some of the Perrys' heavy French cavalry mounts. Currently I#m preparing them for another game of our retreat 1812 game. My idea was to base them with exchangeable metal bases which seems to work rather well. But meanwhile I realized that it isn't actually horse which I don't like to paint. It's Napoleonic horses. Everywhere a strap, a ribbon, a piece of braid and other embellishment. It's so time consuming!

Anyway enjoy your weekend !

Friday, July 4, 2014

Attention! Attention! --> Miniature auctions for charity !

During the last months a couple of bloggers prepared and presented a FIW game. While Loki, James and some other chaps from the UK prepared the game and the board, there were bloggers from the whole world supporting the idea with painting a couple of miniatures.

Maybe you remember my humble work on some British Redcoats:
Complete post: Here.

You'll find a couple of pictures from the presentation here and here.

Finally all the excellent figures used for the game are for sale !

The ganes of the auctions are designated for "Help for Heroes" the charity project the "Bloggers for Charity" are supporting with this initiative.

Please have a look at the auctions of the initiative (here) or ponder whether you want to spent a few bucks for well painted miniatures for a good cause.