Thursday, June 30, 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Brother James

In hindsight my last entry was pretty lame. The pictures were taken on my mobile phone and the entry itself was arranged on that tiny device as well. Seen on a usual screen the pictures and overall appearance of the post was far from optimal. Hence I understand why the commentaries were as scattered as restrained. Anyway I got cracking a bit to present you something better quickly:
Brother James with his character card
As you see it's Brother James from the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter from 2015. Luckily I got hold of a whole 'Knight's Pledge' for a very reasonable price. Actually not more than I would have paid for the core game, the Wulfsburg expansion and a couple of other boxes I might have purchased.
As you know I decided to start with four of the Kickstarter exclusive characters and firstly finished James. You might spot the resemblance to Brother William of Baskerville from 'The Name of the Rose':
Although I haven't seen the film for a couple of years I've been keeping it in good memory. Especially Sean Connery stayed within my recollection as well as the atmosphere of the abbey which is depicted perfectly. In the highly unlikely case that you don't know the film look for it. It's worth watching without any doubt!

However during their Black Plague Kickstarter Cmon (Cool Mini or not) creates a couple of exclusive figures based on characters from film or TV. Somehow James found his way onto my painting table as part of the first batch of four.
As usual I used Vallejo Model Colors to get this chap painted; this time above a black undercoat. As you see I kept the figure as close to the character card as possible and I'm really satisfied with the result. Honestly it became one of those 'limit of my skill' miniatures and it shows how my humble skills developed during the last years.
Only the base isn't completely finished since I took the pictures before applying varnish to the miniature. Unfortunately the original base of the figures was simply plain. So I pondered what to do and employed some Greenstuff to imitate a couple of cobblestones. It shall look as James standing on a kind of damaged or vanishing cobbles. After varnishing this fellow I'll apply some static grass and clump foliage to round the base out.

What do you think?
Yours truly hopes you're quite as satisfied and tolerant as he appears...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Short Update - Black Plague survivors

Last weekend was packed with family business. It was Anna's second birthday and our whole family fell in on Sunday so Saturday was overshadowed by the preparations. After all it was a merry day with cake, tea and football. Luckily team Germany performed better than my appreciated Three Lions and threw out Hungary 3-0.
Anyway on the workbench there are still a couple of Zombicide and Black Plague miniatures. Especially those character figures from Black Plague are excellent stuff to work with. The plastic is the same softish stuff well known from board game pieces but nevertheless the miniatures are well detailed and well cast.

The figures I'm currently painting are from the Kickstarter exclusive survivors. You might notice that they recall some central characters from established TV series and films. I'll explain that further when I present the finished pieces. May the first of them rather soon...

Besides those four chaps there are still some season 1 walkers waiting for the final touches and of course the NWF infantry in need of colours. So actually my workbench is once again fully stretched.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How time flies!
Currently unpleasantly long days at work as well as the UEFA football championship are taking too much time from my troubled account for hobby time. Thus my presentable progress is not too much but at least my Zombicide painting project goes on:
Finally I finished 32 of the 40 zombie walkers which are part of the Zombicide: Season 01 core game. This time the first batch of female zombies took my attention and I splashed some Vallejo Model Colors onto an even basecoat of Armypainter Necrotic Flesh.
As you see they once again victim of my 'quick & dirty' painting phase. In my humble opinion it's sufficient for those walking dead to look good as a mass but for the survivors I'll take more time and employ some more attention.

Besides that my workbench is occupied by more modern Zombies, four Zombicide: Black Plague survivors and - of course - those splendid NWF Perry plastics. Next weekend will be rather packed since we're planning to take a trip to Xanten again. Two years ago we visited a tremendous Roman spectacle there which takes place biennially. Maybe some of you remember my review here
On Sunday then we'll celebrate little Anna's second birthday. A lot of family time but not too much time for miniatures and paint.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Massive Kickstarter experience - Massive Darkness

As you know hunting 32mm zombies took a certain ammount of my leisure time lately. So it should not surprise my appreciated readers that the current Kickstarter campaign from the authors of Zombicide caught my attention. Cmon (Cool Mini or not) and Guillotine Games refined the well known Zombicide engine to a co-operative dungeon crawl for one to six players called 'Massive Darkness':
The artwork of the box and the rulebook

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

72nd Highlanders - Unit completed. Finally!

My apologies for being absent lately but besides some more zombies I tackled a trio of figures that took a bunch of time. Finally I managed to finish the last three daring scotsmen for my NWF highlanders:
The last trio...
Once again it took a while but you know how lousily slow I'm painting from time to time.
... and from another angle.

So now we have the second unit for NWF finished after those more or less generic Brits I painted more than a year ago (here). In addition there'll follow those wonderful new Perry plastics, some mounted troops, artillery and whatever seduces me to complete the collection:

The whole unit of twelve figures.