Sunday, September 14, 2014

Painting Table Weekend - Basing redcoats

This week I started to prepare some things for a Napoleonic game we'll have in a fortnight. On the one hand I prepared some figures for a command base representing Major-General Denis Pack and one of his ADCs.
On the other hand I started the basing of a unit of British Redcoats which shall respresent the Royal Scots at Waterloo.
The figures are from Victrix plastic range and I built them last year. This time I didn't paint them myself but sent them together witch a lot of a friend of mine who had them painted by a professional painting service in overseas. Firstly I wasn't satisfied at all but after I started basing them it seems that I might come to peace with them at last. Nevertheless there are several things that flaws that spoil me this painting service but I'll write more on that later when I present the completed unit.
But at least I presume it'll be a proper unit for the wargaming table. No great piece of art but as powerful as any other redcoats I presume. And thirt-party painted figures save me time for more interesting project like command bases, artillery limbers and the like.

Enjoy the remaining sunday and have a good start into the new week !

Monday, September 8, 2014

The hurly-burly's done...

Luckily the weather forecast kept its promise and the weekend was pleasant. So I was able to hold two long airbrushing sessions.

The first one on friday with a lot of stuff to prime. After about one and a half hours of constant spraying 43 horses, six riders and 33 foot soldiers had a nice even coat of black primer. As usual I used my favourit: Vallejo Surface Primer Black. It works perfectly with my 0.5mm nozzle and there's no need to thin it down. On the other hand the nozzle is large enough to prime the models without wasting too much paint.
At least if you already have some airbrush equipment I think priming this way is even the cheapest way to get the models prepared. For all the stuff above I needed about 30ml of paint. Applied with a brush I would have used much more (thicker layers of paint...) and with spray cans? I'm not sure but at least half a can if not more.

Since the friendly weather continued on sunday I arranged the equipment for another session then.This time most of the stuff I primed two days earlier had to get some coulour. On that account I thinned down some Vallejo Model Colors which is always a bit tricky. Based on earlier experience between 2:1 and 1:1 (colour : thinner) works best depending on the colour and of course the nozzle of the airbrush gun. As usual I achieved rather different results but altogether I'm rather satisfied:
For the horses on the right which belong to a Saga warband of steppe warriors I chose different shades of brown to have a mixed and disordered look for the wilde horde. And by the way they'll work as guinea pigs for some new colour ideas I had...

For the lancers' / hussars' horses in the middle I chose a much more average coluor. Flat Brown for all of them. Although I thought of dappling some other shades of brown into the formation I didn't dare to disturb the disciplined look of British cavalry. By the way trumpeters in the 1880s didn't still use greys, did they?

The Normans / Crusaders and their horses were an easy choice as well. Different brown horses and a coat of dark metal on the chainmail of the knights.

For the infantry I used Khaki Grey which shall serve as base colour for the British Sudan / NWF uniforms for the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War. On the picture they look slightly more greenish than personally.

Last but not least two terrain pieces or at least some parts of them. In the foreground a part of the roof of another Dark Ages building by Stronghold, namely the Pit House I've been working on for some weeks. In the background the major part of Sarissa's awesome Pegasus Bridge. I'm not sure when I'll have that finished finally. I took several months until now and it'll take several more months. Above all I have no idea how to store or showcase the finished piece but I think it was too much work to store it disassembled in a box somewhere...

Friday, September 5, 2014

The stage is set

Yesterday evening I spent two hours with glueing figures onto bases. Actually preparations for my aribrushing plans for this weekend.

Here are all the results together:

In total these are 43 horses, six riders and 35 foot soldiers which I want to prime this afternoon. I have no idea how long this will take or whether I have enough primer left but anyway I'll give it a try.

Second step will be the base colours:
- different shades of brown and grey for the horses
- metal for the knights
- brownish for the British

If I don't manage to finish that today then maybe I'll get another time slot on sunday when Mrs Monty and the girls are out for a children's birthday party...