Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A British tar is a soaring soul... - 28mm seamen

During the last weeks it was rather quiet on my painting desk. Different things kept me away from paint and brushes and somehow I was lacking kind of 'painting mojo'. Last week I was lucky enough to have some free time and started painting a nice set of figures which I ordered last December from US manufacturer Brigade Games. Lon has a very nice of Napoleonic figures for different theatres of war starting with the very early Egypt Campaign but covering the Peninsular War and the War of 1812 as well. However there are some very nice sets of British seamen which were sculpted by master sculptor Paul Hicks. I wanted to have them for our upcoming participation game at Tactica Wargaming Show and of course for the 'Navy' bonus round of the painting challenge. Some more tars on my workbench make sure that I'll not miss the bonus round but after two weeks of absence I though a sign of life in the form of a sestet of those jolly good chaps might be appropriate:
The figures are from different packs of the range but I decided to paint more or less the command figures first. The centrepiece of this bunch are a dashing lieutenant and a seasoned boatswain.
Followed by two young and eager midshipmen:
This first batch is completed by two able seamen accompanying their leaders:
Altogether a nice range of highly detailed sculpts. The poses are very dynamic and realistic. On those chaps I tested the colour combinations and stayed to blue and white more or less. For the other 'common' seamen I'll alter this colour sheme slightly to depict the inconsistency of 19th century navy dress. Since the seamen were responsible for most of their clothing they had a really mixed bag of shirts and trousers. Merely for the jackets I'll stay with a uniform blue tone to create some cohesion in the unit.

However I hope you like the paintjob.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nostalgia: Dark Angels Space Marine

Curt's call for a nostalgia figures was enough for me to dig into my old box with bits and pieces from earlier days. Inside I found a sprue of Space Marines by Games Workhshop. Since these were the figures I started wargaming with I found it appropriate for this theme round. Actually I started with one or two generations older Space Marines but no unpainted figures from the early nineties survived on my lead pile.

Anyway here we go for brother Nostalgico:
It's as far as I remember a piece of the third or fourth generation of plastic Space Marines. During this period of Warhammer 40K there were nice sprues with chapter specific parts. Thus brother Nostalgico is wearing a bone white gown as most veterans of the Dark Angels Space Marines do.
The paintjob was pretty straight. Meanwhile I don't have any Games Workshop colours anymore and employed Vallejo Model Colors instead. The green is based on Luftwaffe Camo Green and I applied it with my new airbrush gun. I even tried to do the highlighting with it but it didn't work on all parts of the figures. Finally I applied some blackish wash to underline the fine indentations.
The gown is based on a dark yellow tone and I highlighted it with a couple of beige and whitish layers. As you see on the back view larger folds are still not my cup of tea.

Although I gladly changed into historical wargaming a couple of years ago it was nice to go back to the roots for a couple of hours. Excellent idea, Curt !

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Imperial Assault: Droids, Imperial Guard and the Dark Lord himself

Probably you've notived that a certain Star Wars mania had taken possession of Monty's Manour. Thus it suggested itself to start the Painting Challenge with a couple of Star Wars miniatures namely more playing pieces for Imperial Assault:
Actually very nice figures but somehow not the quality we are used to have from those top-notch 28mm figures by Perr, Front Rank, Foundry, Empress and other suppliers of metal miniatures. Some pieces could be more detailed and some parts are kept rather easy. Nevertheless they represent the figures from the Star Wars universe very well and were fun to paint. This week I prepared three lots of figures for our Wesdnesday night Imperial Assault session:
Firstly three probe droids. Those little bastards are always useful to scout the way for the stormtroopers. Within the game they proved rather handy and dangerous. As for painting I stayed very simple. Just a couple of grey tones over black primer. Really the quick and dirty kind of miniatures. For gaming reasons I kept the bases simple as well. Some light drybrushing and a colour marking to differentiate different squads in game.
Two sets of Imperial Red Guardsmen. In the game they serve in pairs and thus I prepared two with a red and two with blue colour markings. A pretty simple paintjob as well. Black primer, three layers of different red tones and then some darktone Armypainter Quickshade.

Highlight in a special sense was the dark lord of the Sith himself: Darth Vader.
A figure which seemed rather easy to paint but black is always special somehow. Of course I didn't want to turn him too greyish and therefore I chose to hold back with highlighting as much as possible. Only some dark and medium grey drybrushing on the cloak and some more efforts on the body armour. The lightsaber and the control panels of the Vader's suit were nice details and meant a nice diversion. The base is once again kept slate grey with some gentle drybrushing in medium and light grey.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reviewing 2015

January means not only a new year but another blog birthday as well. Yours truly posted his first article on January 5th 2012 and thus it's now four years of blogging behind me and I enjoyed each and every post of it. Really there were time when blogging kept my hobby spirits alive and maybe I would have turned my back to wargaming without our virtual community. Meanwhile I've become a core member of a wonderful club but nevertheless I'm still enjoying to present my or our humble projects.

But now back to 2015. During these twelve months I added 84 posts to my blog. That's slightly less than in 2014 but slightly more than 2012 and 2013. Thus I'm satisfied with the creative outcome of my writing.
Meanwhile the number of registered readers 'followers' reached 249 and Monty's Caravan collected more than 240,000 hits. Many thanks for your constant support and usually encouraging feedback!

Here are some impressions of the year:

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015 and a happy new year !

Just a short post to close 2016. The time between the years is on the one hand wonderful because it holds a lot of precious family time but on the other hand there's not much time for painting or blogging. Anyway I wasn't lazy and made my start into the painting challenge with a couple Star Wars figures we needed for our yesterday game of Imperial Assault. Rather quick and simple figures but nice playing pieces and a good start into the challenge anyway. Pictures are taken and soon they'll find there way onto the challenge blog first: Three probe droids, four Imperial Guardsmen and the dark lord of the Sith himself.
By the way lately our older daughter discovered a certain interest in Star Wars. Unfortunately she's still too young to see the films but with a pictures book about the whole saga and a couple of smart questions she developed nearly the whole story. Currently she's sorting my old Lego bricks to create some spaceships fitting to the few kits she already has. Yours truly is really proud to say that she's able to build the smaller kits on her own being five years and some months old. The age recommendation on the boxes says at keast 6+. Good girl!
However this combined with having watched episode VII recently dragged me into the Star Wars and Lego theme again and lead to a rather uncommon modelling project last week:
It's awesome what kits they're producing nowadays and no comparison to the bulky Lego things from my youth! Somehow I'm afraid that this X-Wing will not stay alone for too long. At least e won't in case that Viktoria's enthusiasm lasts. Maybe after Easter we'll have a look at the cartoon series Rebels. It's rated 6+ and that might be an appropriate start. Probably better than the real movies or Clone Wars which are recommended for twelve years and older...
But enough about that now. Let my wish you and your families a happy new year! Enjoy this very last evening of 2015 and have a wonderful, healthy and blessed year 2016!