Monday, October 20, 2014

Back with news...

My honest apologies that I was lost for the last weeks without notice. Fortunately there are no bad news connected to this. There was simply no time to get anything sorted for the blog because the last weeks were an extraordinary labour. We spent two weekends with trips and in between our younger daughter had to go to the hospital which of course didn't make things easier. Paired with flu and middle ear inflammation which haunted our family free time was short. Anyhow the last weekend with friends in Bavaria gave us the chance to clear our minds and catch some energy. Thus I'm optimistic that things'll go more orderly again...

So I'll keep marching on with the blog now !
With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, to the British Grenadiers. - A photo a friend of mine took of my minis.
But as the title promises there are some news to be published.
  • In two weeks there'll be Crisis 2014 in Antwerp taking place. The THS is preparing a presentation game dealing with the French intervention in Mexico during the 1860s. Especially our fellow Kalle but a lot of efforts in the project and we'll be happy to welcome any visitors at our table.
    More about the game itself and some pictures will follow this or next week.
  • For this year's "Secret Santa" and "Santa Clause" ventures the sails are set. I'll happily look for some nice things in Antwerp...
  • Currently I'm working on an article for a rather large wargaming magazine so the time with brushed and paints is very limited. Please excuse that you'll not see much progress during the next two weeks.
  • In the pipeline there are two AARs and two museum reviews. The pictures are more or less prepared so rather soon I'll be able to finish those.
  • I haven't forgot the announced raffle for my 100K step at Monty's Caravan. It'll take place soon...
During the next days I'll try to work off all your blogs. Be sure that I'll try to visit each of them but I'll not post comments everywhere.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Napoleonic bring and play - Some impressions of an epic gaming day

On Saturday some chaps and me met for a spontaneous and uncomplicated Napoleonic Black Powder game. Boiled down to the essence we simly agreed to bring the troops we wanted to play and constructed two equal armies. One of course the French forces with some allies like Saxon and Westphalian troops and on the other side British and Prussian forces. So we started at nine in the morning and arranged an enormous table with a couple of tables and a ping-pong table. We played until evening and the game didn't find a clear winner unfortunately. But nevertheless we had a great time and actually that was all this day was about.

Although a complete AAR is rather difficult I want to share some impressions of the game with you:
Marshall Davout gathers his division.
Simultaneously the Light Cavalry of the Guard arrives out of nowhere.
To balance the forces slightly we used the point system from "Albion Triumphant - Vol. II". Each of the armies had about 2,100 points.
The French forces marching on...

... and their allied counterparts.

I commanded some British and Hanoverian forces most of with advanced on and along the road.
To have enough room to manoeuvre all the troops we needed a large table. But on the other hand we had to be able to reach into the middle of the table. So we arranged them as a cross of tables. There the French got the first turn and unfolded very well. The lucky frogs past all their command rolls during this phase of the game...
The French dashing into the centre of the table.
They seem to be fear not being prepared to cross rivers since their experience in Russia...

But nevertheless they rely on their line infantry.

The Polish brigade marches steadily.
On the other side of the table we allies were slower unfortunately. Especially my Prussian allies failed several command rolls and slowed us down.
Blücher and his troops get mixed up.

The French light cavalry of the guard pushed forward into the center of the field.
Meanwhile the first Prussians make up some ground.
A French general lost touch to his cuirassiers that got scattered by Prussian musket volleys.
The allies still trying to enter the center part of the table to unfold.
But only single Prussian units are successful and threatened by French cavalry at once.
The Prussian right wing and center blocked by a defiant cavalry brigade as well as a disobedient infantry brigade.
The French tropps - Westphalians here - try to tie up their opponents.
But finally British cavalry reaches the field of glory - Now Scots Greys !
And at least some movement in the center of the allies.
Unfortunately we didn't reach a decision until the end of the day. Although the French had an excellent position in the middle of the battlefield there were several scenes which were dominated by the allies. Some Prussian units proved tougher than expected and Prussian and British heavy cavalry descended upon the French simultaneously hitting their horse artillery and light cavalry heavily.
The battlefield during the end of the game.
Anyway at the end of the day we all had a good time and we all had successful as well as disappointing moments. An excellent day with the chaps and nobody missed those detailed scenarios and well prepared games we used to play most of the time. Just plain and simple fun this time.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preparing for a gaming weekend... With hot Toddy and a new pillow...

For the last week I've done everything to resist the flu which caught my kin one by one. First was our older daughter who brought the plague from the kindergarten I presume. Then my dear wife fell ill an finally even baby Anna had a running nose. Finally two days ago it got me. All the sinuses as well as my internal ears seem to have filled with mucus and I'm coughing without cease.

Really I don't want two whine but for next saturday we planned some kind of unique Napoleonic game. After some throwbacks with schedules this year a few guys from our gaming club agreed to meet in a boyscout hall next weekend, bring all the Napoleonic stuff they want to field and have a simply game. Pure fun without special rules, tricky scenarios and all that tricky stuff. So how to get fit within two days?

With a pillow and a hot Toddy or two:
The pillow is a present of matchless Mrs Monty. Actually she started the embroidery two years ago as the motiv implies. Although she finished it during the year after it took some time to sew the pillowcase around it. Anyway now it's finished and I can't thank my wife enough for the time she put into this present!
Besides that a traditional medicine shall help me to restore health. Most of you will probably know hot Toddy. A drink consisting of hot water, lemon juice, either sugar and honey as well as a good slug of whisky. By coincidence I found a recipe with tea instead of water and had a nice's Twining Earl Grey transformed into hot Toddy.
Excellent brew and I feel better and better sip by sip!

So I'm rather optimistic for the weekend and will let you know how our gaming saturday went. Cheers!