Friday, 8 March 2019

Members of the Unicorn Club for SMOG - Rise of Moloch

For this theme round I've held back a couple of miniatures I painted at the very beginning of the painting challenge. Those figures are from CoolMiniorNot's board game SMOG - The Rise of Moloch and are representing a couple of members of the honourable Unicorn Club.

The Unicorn Club is a secret society of ladies and gentlemen gathering their powers to tackle down the forces of evil (vulgo the Nemesis) and hamper the return of Moloch a demonic world destroying creature of unspeakable cruelty.

Some of the gentlemen are inspired by Imperial literature like brave Peachey Carnehan from The Man who would be King (above, left hand side).

Others are inspired by pure fantasy like Mr Fox (above, right hand side).

Anyway the game comes with an incredible lot of wonderful figures. Unfortunately I didn't dare to go all in on Kickstarter so I'm missing the expansion The Wheel and the figures from it. Darn, it's not released for common buyers yet!

The figures are made from the usual semi-flexible board game plastic but nevertheless cast crisp and clear with a wonderful amount of detail. Unfortunately some of the faces appear rather flat so some of the figures proved difficult to paint in that behalf.

As said the club consists of men and women. Thus I was eager to paint a couple of honourable damsels as well to contribe something to Sarah's Choice finally.

After all it was really great fun to paint these figures, They are well-detailed and full of character. Fortunately the Kickstarter campaign provided enough figures to live on for many painting sessions.

As usual for CMON games SMOG is played on board tiles rather then real wargaming terrain. Thus I was on the horns of the dilemma of how to base the miniatures. They had those mandatry cast on discs below their feet but I wanted to have them more flexible and not arranged for a certain type of underground. Thus I cut and grinded away as much from those bases as possible and replaced them with clear acrylic disks. It was a dirty and labour-intensive job but I'm very happy with the result nevertheless.

So that's it for the last bonus round and Sarah's choice then. Next week I present my ACW troops which saw action in Hamburg and maybe I'll finish the Curtgeld orc I digged out of my lead pile. Anyway the challenge is heading to it's home straight and I'm really curious about seeing what you other fellows have left in their quivers.



  1. My absolute favourites of this round

  2. Many thanks for your kind feedback.


  3. Excellent looking figures Stefan!!

  4. Wonderful minis and great paint-job.
    I also didn't go all-in on the kickstarter, to my regret. Anyway, I still have a lot to paint

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