Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Short Update - Black Plague survivors

Last weekend was packed with family business. It was Anna's second birthday and our whole family fell in on Sunday so Saturday was overshadowed by the preparations. After all it was a merry day with cake, tea and football. Luckily team Germany performed better than my appreciated Three Lions and threw out Hungary 3-0.
Anyway on the workbench there are still a couple of Zombicide and Black Plague miniatures. Especially those character figures from Black Plague are excellent stuff to work with. The plastic is the same softish stuff well known from board game pieces but nevertheless the miniatures are well detailed and well cast.

The figures I'm currently painting are from the Kickstarter exclusive survivors. You might notice that they recall some central characters from established TV series and films. I'll explain that further when I present the finished pieces. May the first of them rather soon...

Besides those four chaps there are still some season 1 walkers waiting for the final touches and of course the NWF infantry in need of colours. So actually my workbench is once again fully stretched.


  1. Great work Monty! I'm sure it'll be a bummer once they hit the gaming table.

  2. Really nice job on those mate