Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How time flies!
Currently unpleasantly long days at work as well as the UEFA football championship are taking too much time from my troubled account for hobby time. Thus my presentable progress is not too much but at least my Zombicide painting project goes on:

Finally I finished 32 of the 40 zombie walkers which are part of the Zombicide: Season 01 core game. This time the first batch of female zombies took my attention and I splashed some Vallejo Model Colors onto an even basecoat of Armypainter Necrotic Flesh.
As you see they once again victim of my 'quick & dirty' painting phase. In my humble opinion it's sufficient for those walking dead to look good as a mass but for the survivors I'll take more time and employ some more attention.

Besides that my workbench is occupied by more modern Zombies, four Zombicide: Black Plague survivors and - of course - those splendid NWF Perry plastics. Next weekend will be rather packed since we're planning to take a trip to Xanten again. Two years ago we visited a tremendous Roman spectacle there which takes place biennially. Maybe some of you remember my review here
On Sunday then we'll celebrate little Anna's second birthday. A lot of family time but not too much time for miniatures and paint.


  1. When I saw the Zombies I immediately thought:
    Gothic Sound of Music

    I probably need therapy

  2. Good looking dead, enjoy the trip and even more so your daughters birthday, all too soon they seem to grow up


  3. Nice zombies indeed! Kinda strange to say so... hmmm anyway since Xanten is not too far from here and I teach history I have been there about 5 times now and it's a great park. Enjoy and congrats with the little one!

  4. Superb work Stefan and have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Hola
    Que buen trabajo si señor,me gusta
    un saludo

  6. Well done Monty! Those Z's definitely do look the part.

  7. I didn't know you had caught the zombie bug, Stefan? Those walkers look quite deadly and the Romans look very shiny.