Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Imperial Reinforcements for Imperial Assault - Guns and AT-ST walker

Last weekend we had a longish Imperial Assault session and yours truly also known as 'The Emperor' needed painted reinforcements. Thus I took some E-Web engineers and an AT-ST walker to the workbench.

First for the guns:

Actually those are Imperial scout troopers manning a tripod mounted heavy laser gun. Looks like those thing the snowtroopers set up in the hangar of Hoth Echo Base in episode V. Anyway those chaps are part of the Imperial Assault basic game and have the expected quality. They are excellent gaming pieces without question but as figures they are rather mediocre. The pose and the style is great but the attention to detail and the casting quality are some steps behind the historical figures we are used to. For that reason I kept the paintjob pretty simple and see the figures as they are: Board game pieces.

The same is true for the AT-ST walker. It's as well part of the basic game and the only piece that has to be assembled by the customer. All other miniatures were pre-assembled. However it's wonderful to have such an iconic and large piece on the board. Thus it needed colour...
Once again I decided to do a simple paintjob and keep things fast. Therefore I applied a medium grey base colour as well as some light grey details by airbrush. Indeed an evidence that I need more practice but mofd of less satisfying from gaming distance. Afterwards I applied Armypainter Quickshade removing the puddles carefully with a brush moistened with solvent.
Unfortunately as well as understandably the AT-ST is not in scale. Actually it's slightly too small although being a huge model. For comparison I've taken a picture besides a well-known scoundrel from the same miniature range:
With that all the imperial figures of the basic game are painted:
- 3 imperial officers
- 9 stormtroopers
- 2 red guards
- 2 E-web guns
- 1 AT-ST walker
- Darth Vader

Now there are the bounty hunters and monsters to be painted. With our next session on Sunday I have to hurry up since I want to have the player characters painted as well then...


  1. Looks superb. Imperial Assault is on the wishlist!

    1. Many thanks Gordon. IA is really a nice game. Nice figures, simple rules, a good campaign. But you need a group of five players meeting regularly at best. And for the imperial player it's quiet a bunch of organisation work to keep the campaign running.

      There a kind of skirmish version to play one on one but I haven't tried it yet.


  2. I do like the look of these Stefan and interested to read of the casting issues, which I would not have noticed from first glance - a testament to your painting skills.

  3. Awesome result. Great painting. cheers

  4. Those are cracking work Stefan, very jealous!