Friday, 22 April 2016

Bounty hunters for Imperial Assault

Besides the imperial troops and the rebel scum the Imperial Assault basic game came with a couple of bounty hunters and monsters - namely four Trandoshan bounty hunters and two Nexu. After having finished the imperials I started with the bounty hunters:

The four figures are meant to represent two troops of two Trandoshans. Thus I decided to paint them in jump suits of different colour as 'Team Red' and 'Team Yellow'. In addition I applied two different skin colours to have them lesser look as clones.
As usual with the figures from Imperial Assault they are quiet well but by far not as good as historical 28mm from the companies we all know well. Especially the mold line are a pain in... well you know where... to remove.
Thus I kept the paintjob simple: Base colours, Armypainter Quickshade, a couple of highlights. Nothing more but sufficient from gaming distance.
'Team Red' has red markings on the base because they will represent the 'elite' version of the bounty hunters which have a red frame on their deployment card.
So another step to the completely painted basic set. Two Nexu and six player characters to go...


  1. Now I love these Stefan, the colour coding is a great idea.

    1. Thanks, Michael. Not too nice but it helps during the game.

  2. Great painted Bounty hunters! Great idea to give them different skin colors!