Thursday, 22 October 2015

Last chance to enter 'Secret Santa' !

Simultaneously to Chris's 'Santa Clause' venture Ian from 'The Blog with no Name' fame is organising 'Secret Santa' again. An equally wonderful campaign between bloggers but with some different rules. Actually the present is slightly more pricy with £15 but delivered unpainted. Anyway have a look at Ian's invitation to get an idea if you're interested: Here.
Yours truly is boundlessly happy to take part in the venture again. I'm really looking forward to roam the Crisis wargaming show looking for a nice gift for my Christmas target!
It seems our virtual wargaming community is really special. People giving presents to each other although just knowing the virtual Alter Ego of their counterparts is everything but ordinary. I'm really glad that I've found my way into this bloggosphere and I'm looking forward to many joyful years though!

If you want to join the bunch don't hesitate to go to Ians last call: Here.

Next week I'll deliver some idea for my very own counterpart in the same manner as for the 'Secret Santa' venture. You'll spot some overlaps I presume.   ;-)


  1. I'm signed up on both Santa's too. And I've gotta think of something for them to buy......hhmm?

  2. Thanks for promoting this Stefan, it's lots of fun for Cath and it's huge this year with 32 joining in so far. Not bad for four years of running it.