Monday, 12 October 2015

Imperial Assault: Painted Stormtroopers

Actually I reserved the following Stormtroopers for my habitual weekend post as part of the 'Paint Table Saturday' venture. But somehow things never turn out the way I expect. Once again our weekend was busy with meeting family and friends and I didn't find the time to get myself to the computer and set a an appropriate article. To crown it all the signs of age exacted their toll and evenings I was too tired to turn my attention to the bloggosphere. Obviously I'm getting too old for three days of gatherings, beer and sports but I wasn't able to resist Rugby, Hockey and American Football...

Anyway with no further ado here's the humble work yours truly performed on some of the miniatures from the Imperial Assault board game:
As you see I started with the easiest figures in the box: Stormtroopers.
Those were my start of choice because I wanted to see quick results and I didn't want to withdraw my attention too much from our ongoing Plancenoit project. With the game come nine Stormtroopers representing three squads. To differentiate them I painted the edges of the bases in blue, red and green.
Besides the coloured edge I held the bases as simply as possible. Since the game works with a couple of different board styles like desert, woodland or space ship interior I was afraid that textured bases might look disturbing when hitting inappropriate underground. Thus I simply painted them dark grey with some slight dry-brushing with lighter grey tones.
Painting the Stormtroopers themselves was pretty simply as well. After a neat coat of white primer I used a dark grey colour on the joints, blasters and other more or less black parts. Then a coat of thinned Armypainter Quickshade: Dark Tone and some white highlighting.
As a result the Stormtroopers aren't as clean and bright as seen in the films but I prever them a little dirty because it brings out the details on playing distance. However those chaps are probably far from my best pieces but as simply rank and file troops they'll do well I presume. Next will be either the drones or the Imperial officers. But first back to Plancenoit. My progress there is small but constant and I'll be able to present another intermediate state later this week.


  1. Nice work! I think the slightly "dirty" look works great.

  2. Great result - and a good idea to keep the bases simple while marking the squads!

  3. Nicely done! I know how you feel, the last two weeks have seen me too tired to paint more than 1 28mm figure and I want to do so much more. Ageing is the only sickness we will never be able to cure I guess!

  4. Looking good! I finished my Stormtroopers last week, otherwise I would have copied your style as I think it looks better than the way I did it.

  5. On historical figures the bright colours for marking the squad bases wouldn't look right but with the almost all white Stormtroopers it actually enhances the look and brings some colour to the figure. The rest of the base being neutral also works very well with the overall look.
    Nice one Stefan, you obviously have a good eye for this sort of thing.

  6. Really lovely work Stefan, how you tempt me these models.

  7. Well done! A shame that they're so 'limited' in poses.