Saturday, 16 May 2015

On holiday !

Meanwhile nearly half the year has passed and thus it's time for our annual family holiday. For the last year before Viktoria enters school we're able to set our holiday outside school holidays which makes booking easier as well as cheaper.

Anyway this granted us a couple of days by the sea and since we're enjoying the questionable luxury of free Wi-Fi access I'm able to give some proves of life:
Viktoria and me inspecting the beach... No invasion this time.  ;-)
Because with every bag dear Mrs Monty packed 'for the kids' the trunk of our car seemed to downsize I decided to travel light. So I didn't take paint and brushes along but a small case with a couple of Perry plastics, a hobby knife and such stuff. Maybe I'll find the time to prepare those chaps to represent some of the heroes of Waterloo.
Although the weather was rather tough today I'm looking forward to the next days. Although Anna's ill with a cough again this time off should help me get away from all the worries and recharge the batteries. At special request of dear Mrs Monty we'll visit the German Navy museum in Wilhelmshaven again and will take the chance to visit the destroyer Mölders and a couple of other vessels again. However I'll try to get some other news shared later this week.


  1. It does look a bit blustery there Monty. Do take pics at the museum for us and enjoy your holiday!

  2. Nice one mate. Keep safe in that weather!

  3. Glad to see that bad weather can't keep a wargamer from enjoying his hobby on holiday.

  4. When we take the car I always make room for some hobby gear. We are flying to Barcelona on Wednesday though so I am having a seven day hiatus from gaming, plenty of reading to be done though.