Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Home alone... Painting... AWI limber finished!

For a couple of days my dear family has left me home alone and has been staying at the sea where we spent our holiday two weeks ago. The three girl has been staying with my parents in law who are spending their holiday there now. An experience I didn't want to share...

Anyway this gave me the chance to turn our comfortable living room into a painting studio:
Although I love my family from the deepest bottom of my heart it has been four wonderful days playing the old bachelor. Actually I kept things like eating as basic as possible and enjoyed my freedom as excessive as appropriate.

Thus I managed to finish a couple of workpieces, start some new and got a lot of stuff done. First for a limber for my AWI British...
... although I haven't managed to paint the unlimbered version of the gun until now.

The set is from the Perry Miniatures's wonderful AWI range. It comes as you see it here with two horses, a kind of limber, a 6pdr gun and a driver. It's a nice detailed kit without too much trumpery.
Unfortunately the set doesn't come with ropes for the team otherwise that presents the chance to make them yourself. For these I used 0.35mm wire of which I twisted a couple of threads. This gives a nicely structured, flexible and durable rope. Sooner or later I'll try this with the six horse limber teams I have for my Napoleonic British...

Anyway during the next days I'll show you a Dark Age pit house I finished and a pair of peelers I started recently as a small recovery from soldiers.


  1. Excellent use of your "hermit" status!

  2. Now this is why gamers make such good husbands. Leave them alone for a few days and do they think of women and drink? No they paint, they just paint.

    The horses look wonderful!! Enjoy the solitude!

  3. Wow - that is superb! Beautiful painting and I love the wire traces - very clever.

    Best wishes


  4. You used your time wisely it seems ;-)
    Very well done.

  5. Nothing like getting all the paints out and not having to pack them away at the end of the evening - such bliss! I think the local take aways would be getting a few orders from me though, perhaps a nice Indian meal?

  6. My first visit here. Hi, Great looking stuff! Wonderfully painted and based. Perry`s 6 Pounder you say. Perry`s AWI 24 Pounder Cannon are also available too, at Wargames Foundry! Beano Boy