Saturday, 11 April 2015

Painting Table Saturday - AWI Officers progress

Actually we're preparing to have some friends with us later but while Mrs Monty and the girls are out to do some last food shopping I found the time to post a short notice from the workbench. During the last week time was tight as usual but I proceeded to paint the AWI officers and the driver I started lasst week:
As you see they are not finished yet but on a good way. Next they'll get dark blue lapels, golden lacing and some more highlights on the shirts, trousers and maybe on the jackets. Not to forget the boots but the most time consuming part - namely the faces - is done. Again I used the six colour Wargames Foundry paint set and I'm really glad with the colour gradations.
The grim fellow on the right will need some more work. Although I did the best I can with the face he needs highlights for all parts of his garment. Fascinating that all three miniatures were sculpted by the Perrys. Especially the face of the middle figure which shall represent General Clinton is superb while the driver is very slight in details...
Simultaneously I washed the horses with Armypainter Wash "Strong Tone" but I didn't take pictures of this sparsely interesting step.

Anyway I hope to find some time to finish the boys next week and maybe even the horses.

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Hola
    Muy buenas esas minis,buena mesa tienes
    un saludo

  2. Very nice mate. The faces are marvellous!

  3. The faces are amazing, Stefan. I love the detail and while I don't normally find painted eyes very convincing, you did a good job with the eyes. Terrific work - sehr gut!