Thursday, 9 April 2015

For Sale: Dark Elves (1)

Finally it's time for spring cleaning and thus I sorted out some old miniatures from my Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K days to cede them. Of course I would appreciate to give them to a good new home so let me offer them here at first:
The whole bunch.
After all it's a set of two units of crossbowmen and two repeater bolt throwers. I bought them a couple of years ago so probably the plastic models are from one of the last editions. They are painted with Citadel colours by humble me.

Here are some detail pictures:
Crewman of one of the bolt throwers
One of the crossbow units: 12 men incl. full command.
Details of them. 
The second unit: 10 crossbowmen
To buy those chaps in their new incarnation would mean to spent £77. Unpainted of course. Since they are rather well painted and ready to use I'm asking for about £125 (+ p&p) or near offer.

So if you like the models and want to place a reasonable offer then please email to :

International shipping is no problem. It should be between 9 € and 16 € worldwide, uninsured. As insured parcel more expensive of course.


  1. Nice troops Stefan, good luck with the sale!!

  2. Sounds like excellent value for quality painted figures Stefan. Best of luck with a speedy sale.

  3. Lovely looking dark elfs.... hope you get them sold.