Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm back !

Many apologies for my long absence !

For the last three weeks I had a holiday and was busier than I thought. Although it was a great, enjoyable and precious time with Mrs Monty and our the family kept me on the run.

So there's a lot of stuff to work off during the next weeks:
- read the new posts on my favourite blogs
- prepare two AARs
- sent some pictures of the few miniatures I finished lately
- ponder about a 100K raffle which might be within arm's reach rather soon

Anyway yesterday I had finally the chance to spend some time with my tin men. So I installed my mavble airbrush cabin on the balcony and prepared figures and paints:
My ersatz-airbrush booth
A couple of friends made me a present of a box of WWI Tommies for my birthday lately and it was time to start painting them. To make things easier I wanted to prime and partly paint them with my reliable airbrush gun.
So after two hours of constant blowing I had about fifty Tommies primed and pre-coloured as well as three Normans and their horses. To be honest such a long airbrushing session is somehow exhausting but it saved me a lot of time I presume...


  1. Great to have you back Stefan and I hope you enjoyed the rest - looks like you have plenty to keep you busy!

  2. Good to see you back Stefan, this project looks interesting.

  3. Nice to see you back Monty!

  4. A good start to your tommies


  5. Nice one Monty. Welcome back.

  6. Welcome back to the fray mate!
    Glad to hear to had some nice time away with the family

  7. "So after two hours of constant blowing..." You know you can get an air compressor right? You don't have to provide the air pressure yourself! :-)

    Looking great so far and good to have you back online.

  8. Let's hope it did save you some time!!