Friday, 4 July 2014

Attention! Attention! --> Miniature auctions for charity !

During the last months a couple of bloggers prepared and presented a FIW game. While Loki, James and some other chaps from the UK prepared the game and the board, there were bloggers from the whole world supporting the idea with painting a couple of miniatures.

Maybe you remember my humble work on some British Redcoats:
Complete post: Here.

You'll find a couple of pictures from the presentation here and here.

Finally all the excellent figures used for the game are for sale !

The ganes of the auctions are designated for "Help for Heroes" the charity project the "Bloggers for Charity" are supporting with this initiative.

Please have a look at the auctions of the initiative (here) or ponder whether you want to spent a few bucks for well painted miniatures for a good cause.

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