Monday, 23 June 2014

Wattle Fences done

Last week I finished some wattle fences for my Dark Ages village but because of the longish post about the Roman festival I haven't presented them yet. So here we go...
Current status of the village...
At present the core of the village is the Dark Ages cottage. While I have some older terrain parts like walls and hedge the wattle fences are the second larger part. A kind friend of mine presented them to me when he got aware that I was looking for some. He found them years ago by chance on a show and bought them. Luckily for me he's been doubting now whether he'd ever use them...
Some of the longer pieces.
Anyway the pieces are very nice and clean resin casts. I washed them with warm water and washing-up liquid. Afterwards primed them with Vallejo Model Colour paints and some Armypainter Quickshade Dark Tone.
Some of the shorter pieces.
Unfortunately I don't know the maker of those nice pieces but I could use some more, especially gates. If anyone regonises those bits please let me know the manufacturer.

By the way on the picture above you see the Saga levies I finished last week as well. More on them in my next post...


  1. Very nice! I just picked up a couple of sets of Renedra's wattle fencing, so I'm looking forward to diving into some similar terrain projects. :-)

  2. Looking lovely!

    Funny enough, I shall be tackling the Renadra offering these days.

  3. I, too, have the Renedra set waiting for me. I think I shall have to dig it out and get cracking while the inspiration you have provided is still fresh!
    No idea about the set you have, though, but would love to know.

  4. They look great and that's the one thing I need to do for my Dark Age stuff.


  5. Great looking scenery - I was about to suggest the fences look like the Rendra ones but was beaten to the punch.

  6. Nice looking scenery there and I think I will have to invest in a pack or two of them

  7. Those fences work really well with the cottage. No idea on the manufacturer though, sorry!

  8. Great stuff Monty, they are brilliant!

  9. Nice looking fences! I'm sure your village will be a real eyecandy once ready.