Saturday, 21 June 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Green jackets and a thatched roof

Actually my wife and me should be delivery room today but our second daughter seems to be less on time than hear older sister was.

So it's time for another...
... Paint Table Saturday.
This weekend intend to work on two projects as long as there are no signs of labour for Mrs Monty:

Firstly there are a couple of KGL riflemen who need some paint. After I finished their trousers yesterday I may find the time for skin or muskets now.
Secondly I've been working on the second Dark Ages house. After I applied some base colours on the building itself the underside of the roof needs to be painted.

So some work to do to spend the time of waiting...

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Dark Ages and Napoleonic! Perfect! Keeps your mind off the waiting!

  2. Looking productive there Stefan, best wishes to you and Mrs. Monty, do let us know the news.

  3. Some lovely stuff on the table Monty! Best wishes to the two of you. I hope all goes well!

  4. Wow your painting desk is way to organized

    Best of luck on the new arrival and congrats!

  5. Best wishes to you both on your new arrival Stefan. Make the most of painting as I think your output may drop off in the coming weeks.

  6. Best wishes to you and Mrs Monty on your imminent arrival.

    Painting the inside of the roof? Now that is dedication.

    1. Well... The pit house has no walls so it was kind of unavoidable.

  7. Looks promising! I'm especially looking forward to see your Dark Age building finshed as I have the same one on my table right now. Best wishes to your wife and yet unborn kid.

  8. Good luck with the impending birth old boy!

  9. Lots going on Stefan and not just on the painting table apparently. Best of luck with the birth mate!

  10. Great looking stuff Monty, and best wishes and congratulations on the newest member of your clan! :-)

  11. Many thanks for your good wishes!

    Somehow our daughter allows herself plenty of time. Different from her older sister she's late with the arrival. But since the doctors say everything is alright with mother and child dear Mrs Monty and me don't care...
    Next weekend at the latest she'll be there anyway.


  12. I look forward to seeing how those KGL turn out. Good luck with the new arrival too!