Saturday, 26 April 2014

Painting Table Saturday #25

Another saturday another short newsflash from my workbench. Besides some backgrond projects lurking around in the corner of my painting table there two thinks which I'll finish next:

Some little progress on Fran's highlanders. They are really fun to paint since Paul Hicks made some excellent and characterful skulpts. Next are the socks and the final highlights, then basing and they'll take a trip to good old England.
A scenery piece for my SAGA collection. Actually I've been working on it quite for a while and to be honest I don't like painting terrain pieces too much. Therefore such things take rather long until I finish them. Anyway this Dark Ages cottage is a very nice building by Stronghold terrain. Finally the paintjob is coming to an end and I'll try my very first teddy fur covered roof rather soon.

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Hola
    Buenas y graciosas esas minis
    El terreno muy bueno
    un saludo

  2. Those Highlanders are fantastic! Your brushwork is great and your tartan looks fabulous.

    That's a heck of a nice looking building.

  3. Moi = Hi
    Fine finishes.
    I like these houses ...

  4. Stefan, they're coming along really well - you've done a fabulous job on them.

  5. Nice painting and the stronghold terrain pieces are very good.


  6. Great work on those. The tartan is coming along nicely. Those are really nice sculpts and really add some nice character to highlander battalions :)

  7. Good God man thats a fearsome sight there to be sure. Lovely painted too and I like the Dark Age hut

  8. A weekend well spent Monty.

    Great job!

  9. Bahahahaha, awesome Highlanders!!!

  10. For someone who doesn't like painting terrain, you have done a top job on these Stefan and I look forward to seeing the thatch going on. Quality painting on the Scots and will bound to get the ladies hovering around the games table for a closer look.