Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Help needed: Salute special miniature

This time I have to present a desire on my own account. As most of you will surely know the great Salute 2014 convention in London will take place on 12th April.
Although I was hardly thinking of taking a trip to my favourite metropolis I turned out to be just impossible. We're awaiting the birth of our second daughter in June so time is precious at present while our flat has to be renovated for a second nursery. And on the other hand a two day trip just to visit Salute is simply too expensive with two flights and two overnight stay in the venerable, old city. Maybe next year...

But just this very year the fellows from the South London Warlords will present a special miniature which takes my fancy beyond all measure. As Miniature Wargames uncovered they'll have Commander Colin Maud sculpted by Michael Perry (complete TMP entry here and a picture of the special miniature here). Maud was a Royal Navy officer who served during World War II and took an imprtant part during the Normandy landings as principal beachmaster at Juno beach. He gained immortal fame after the characterful embodiment by English actor Kenneth More in the epic war movie The Longest Day.
Anyway this film is one of my first and most vivid memories of war films and especially the scene with Cmd. Maud and his dog Winston is a highlight for me.

So here comes my concern:
Is anyone of you travelling to salute and doesn't place value on the figure?
In this case I would appreciate very much if he - or she - is willing to dedicate it to me. If desired I could offer to trade a - unpainted or painted - miniture from my collection for it or take over appropriate costs for the miniature and shipping. In any case I would be pleased to add Cmd. Maud to my collection.

If you're willing to help me please contact me via Google+, use the contact form on the right hand side of thios blog or just email to montys[dot]caravan[at]googlemail[dot]com.

Thanks a lot in advance !

(I don 't have to mention that this is no April Fool's hoax, do I ?)


  1. First off, Congratulations on the impending birth of your baby!

    I do hope you find someone willing to trade you for this figure. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, dear Anne!
      We'll do our very best to welcome her as hearty as our "great one". :-)

  2. Well done, Fran; just so you both know, the missus and I are both going; so there will be a spare if Fran wants to keep his ;) just in case...

    1. Many thanks, Monty!
      I'll keep that in mind in case Fran isn't able to get one for me or decides that he cannot abandon it.

      All the best