Friday, 7 February 2014

Painting challenge bonus theme "Heroe" - General Jean-Jacques Desvaux de Saint-Maurice for White Death 1812

Our preparations for Tactica convention are going on and so is the painting challenge. So my last entry for the bonus round "Heroes" was a figure that connects both topics:

General Jean-Jacques Desvaux de Saint-Maurice
Saint-Maurice's front...
Jean-Jacques Desvaux de Saint-Maurice was a French general and artillery commander during the Napoleonic wars. During Napoleon's Russia campaign in 1812 he held command of the horse artillery of the Imperial Guard. Presumably he was one of Napoleon's best artillery commanders although he wasn't able to avert disaster in Russia. After Napoleon's return from Elba Desvaux stayed loyal to the Emperor and died on the fields of Waterloo.
..and his back.
To represent this able and brave officer I used one of the retreat 1812 figures by Perry Miniatures. Actually the miniatures depicts a hussar but it fits perfectly for an officer of the Artiellerie à Cheval de la Garde Impériale because the shape of the busby and the style of the pelisse was similar. So I loved the idea to do something special with the figure and followed an idea which a friend of mine planted in my brain shamelessly.
Excellently sculpted face by Alan Perry
Once again I must underline the excellence of the miniatures. It is extremely well detailed and everything is crisp and clear. The face is full of expression and it was extremely nice to paint. I enjoyed each and every brushstroke on him and I hope to have transported that into the result of my humble work.
As all the figures I presented for 1812 Saint-Maurice will be present at Tactica in Hamburg in two weeks. He'll be one of the playable characters in our 1812 skirmish game White Death which we'll present there.


  1. That is an excellent figure. Love the "two fisted" fighting man look about him. The painting is great as well.

  2. A very impressive model sir!

  3. He looks dashing and heroic (and slightly cold). Well done. A great challenge entry.

  4. A mini diorama. Excellent painting.

  5. Excellent painting Stefan, I'm really enjoying your snowy Russia figures, keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Excellent brushwork, and smart use of the figure. Best, Dean

  7. Well done! I'll have a closer look at him at Tactica.

  8. Lovely looking figure, truely tempted by the winter campaign.

  9. Hello, I am one of General Desvaux descendant and I wanted to thank you for this figure, he was probably a very brave man indeed and very faithful to the Emperor. The beard give him an unexpected look for me as I live with a painting of the general where is doesn't have one, even if he had a moustache when younger.

    1. Hello,

      many thanks for your kind comment.
      Actually the picture which I used as reference for my paint job showed Desvazx with a moustache, But on the one hand I'm not skilled enough to re-model the face and on the other hand I found it plausible that the rigours of the retreat may have prohibited shaving. ;-)

      He was surely an honest subject to Napoleon an gathered merits during several campaingns. It was great pleasure to relate this figure and my humble paintjob to his memory.

      All the best